Arbeitsblatt: Young world 4 Test The call of the alps


schriftlicher Test zur Grammatik und dem Wortschatz der Unit 4
6. Schuljahr
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points: Unit 4 mark: 39 The call of the Alps: Writing name: date: 1. Writing /8 Fill in: some, something, somebody, somewhere any, anything, anybody, anywhere. a) We could eat at McDonalds. b) There isnt at home. c) Would you like to eat cake? d) My little sister knows words in French. e) Can help my with the dogs? f) My English books must be here! g) Do you have homework? h) dont want to say . 2. Writing: /5 In order to say what we want to do, we use the expression want to go with the ing-form. Write down five correct sentences by using the words from the box. walking she St. Moritz swimming skiing cycling we you Zurich Davos Adelboden fishing he Zermatt Example: You want to go hiking in Laax. a) b) c) d) e) 3. Wordlist Write the words in German. 10 view dream rent out tragedy spell go ahead peak by coach step by step cell phone 4. Wordlist Write the words in English. 10 ankommen versuchen typisch Genf hassen reissen Einfall nachts spazieren entspannen gehen 5. Vocabulary trainer /6 Complete the sentences with the correct words from the box. a) He or she will take you safely to the highest, where you can enjoy beautiful of the villages below. b) He or she can also tell you where to eat and what the dishes are. c) A: Do you skis for the weekend? B: Yes, we do. That is no problem. d) you go, call the local to see if they have room for you. These are great places for young travellers and much cheaper than hotel. one more question dream snorkling tourist attractions by coach view before Youth Hostel peak guide typical hiking rent out spell check in