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Easy reader version of Macmillan Readers Book "Slumdog Millionaire" Level 5: intermediate - Comprehension of the story - Vocabulary - opinion - Basics and
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Name points part without the book 47 mark 29 Slumdog Millionaire Part without the book /4 1. Vocabulary Explain the words in proper English sentence. orphan rupee Father (Timothy) beggar /5 2. General and basic questions Answer the questions. a) What does the title of the book Slumdog Millionaire mean? (1 p) b) How does Ram know all the answers from the quiz show? (1 p) c) Explain: Why does the story always jump back- and forward in the book? (1 p) d) Explain: Why does Ram point gun to Prem Kumar? Give two reasons! (2 p) /8 3. General and basic knowledge Connect the people of the story with the right explanations in different colours. Ram worked for this person. In the end shes the wife of the mainperson in the story. He has the biggest part in the book. Ram Mohammad Thomas Prem Kumar Smita Shah As girl she was called Gudiya. This person played roles in several films. The quiz show master who helped Ram with the first question. boy that couldnt speak clearly. Ram was questioned by this person after he has been tortured. Ram met her the first time in the Taj Mahal. Colonel Taylor Nita He was in childrens home for boys the best and longest friend of Ram It was soldier who tells stories about the war he was fighting in. person that died in the story. An Australian man, who had cameras in his house to spy out his employees. Neemila Kumari Salim 4. Order of the story /7 Number the pictures in the order of Rams life.(2 p) Give them all title that matches perfectly the scene. (5 p) 5. Multiple choice Cross all the right answers. Ram was the son of an Indian mother and British priest. in prison because of killing man in train. 5 better educated than many poor boys. in love with Gudiya and wanted to marry her. Maman was friendly man who helped poor boys in the street and gave them food and home. wanted to hurt Salim and Ram. gave Ram his name: Ram Mohammad Thomas, one name for all the big religions. owned home for disabled children and let them beg in trains or on the street. At the Taj Mahal . Ram met the boy called Shankar, who showed him place to stay. Ram worked as tourist guide for Indian people. guide asked Ram, if he would like to join tour for free. Ram was giving informations to family from Japan, but these werent all correct facts. Nita doesnt love Ram, because she wanted to marry another man. can get married, when her husband pays money to her father. was pregnant from Ram in the end and theyre expecting to have baby together. had bruises and cuts because her angry father hurted her, because she wanted to marry Ram. At the quiz show Ram wouldnt have known the answer to the first question about the FBI. nobody helped him. Ram was the last winner, because after that the company didnt have any money left. the producer changed the last question, because Ram knew the answer. Prem Kumar and his men were hanging Ram on wooden beam in the studio and the audience watched as they were beating him. Ram had to sing song of Surda, who was blind but famous singer. Ram killed the quiz master in the toilet with gun. Ram used joker for the last question. Name points Slumdog Millionaire Part with the book 18 5. chapters /3 Write the number of the chapter, in which this part of the story takes place. chapter Ram comes back to Delhi for the first time. The quizmaster realizes why Ram really was joining the TV-show. The people of the chawl meet in the basement under the school building. The boys learn the songs of Surda. Ram finds out what persona non grata means. We learn that Rams lucky coin has heads on both sides. 6. parts of the book and the story /3 Write the page number where you find this part your book. page Ram sees Prem Kumar for the first time in his life. Ram learned next to many other things how to speak English. We can read some facts about Vikas Swarup. Ram gave 40000 rupees to stranger, that thisone could save the life of his son. All the people of the story are introduced on this page. Neelima killed herself. 7. experiences 3 Write an example of the book, that fits the described situation! a) If you help somebody, it can be positive for you too! b) Bad things, that people do, will be returned to them. c) Dont tell to important things to people you cant trust, because you dont know them well enough. 8. quotations (Zitate) Explain the context and the meaning of. /6 a) the title of chapter 6: brothers promise (p.40) b) That will make people of all religions happy to meet him. (p.13) c) But it was not question at all. We were recording commercial for Mumtaz Tea. (p. 82) d) We will do it to them after dinner (p. 24) e) Dead men dont need guns. (p. 80) f) will not take my prize or any other prize. am very sorry. (p.10) 8. your opinion What do you think about the book Slumdog millionaire /3