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English name points date max. points signature mark Vocabulary U10 numbe 18 class ø sentences 1 What time is Kim Lucia? 2 Are you busy after school? we play football? 3 dont we meet outside the sports centre? 4 Lucias to my house after school? 5 What you this evening? 6 Im going to draw that. 7 How are you going to spend your? 8 Who is to take some photos? 9 The great. It really hot. 10 your are on holiday. Think of an interesting place. 11 Whats the weather today? 12 Some of my classes are and others are quite hard. 13 Im . Lets have drink. 14 Im going to wash the. Thats good idea. 15 the shops in Oxford Street. 16 New York is an city. 17 My sister is going to university . 18 Thats idea. Words at choice Pay attention, there are some words left! shall, visit, dinosaur, busy, easy, going, imagine, good, thirsty, weather, coming, are, look at, next year, meeting, why, comes, what, car, amazing, money, like, doing point