Arbeitsblatt: Frageblatt zu den Texten aus dem Buch News World 5Unit 5.2


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Textauszüge aus dem Inhalt:

A day in the life of an astronaut (use the vocabularysheet to help you) 1. Getting started: Read the text and answer the questions. a) What time do they have to get up? b) In space they also do the following things: (which is correct?) brush the teeth shave clean the toilet wash their hair go to the toilet c) What do they have to pay attention about the water? d) What do they eat for breakfast? e) Why is it so important that the food is packed? 2. Preparing for work: Read the text and then write in your own words about what you read. 3. Morning work: Read the text and translate the following sentences in German. Astronauts put on their spacesuits several hours before spacewalk. This means that they are filled with oxygen. If they didnt get rid of the nitrogen, the astronauts might get gas bubbles in their body when they walk in space. Many spacewalkers can spend their entire working day outside on tiring seven-hour shift. 4. Afternoon: Read the text and make 5 questions about the text. (Ask the questions to your neighbour) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5. About the whole text. Write all the times and write what they do then. Then talk with your neighbour about the day. 5:30 woken up