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English Exam: Unit 10: 28th of January 20 Points Average / 72 Name: Mark 1. Vocabulary a) Write down the English or the German expression. Watch your spelling. (8) Deutsch Bildung, Ausbildung English patch Werbung Veranstaltungsort be called bleiben Hauptpassionate b) Translate the following sentences. (14) 1. In Toronto wird eine Vielfalt von verschiedenen Dialekten gesprochen. 2. Mein Vater arbeitet als Zahnarzt. 3. Australien ist der kleinste Kontinent der Welt. 4. Bildung ist wichtig, damit du später die Arbeit machen kannst, die du gerne möchtest. 5. Der Bus heute Morgen war extrem überfüllt. 6. Viele Prominente unterstützen Wohltätigkeitsveranstaltungen in Afrika. 7. Auf dem Markt kann man jeden Samstag frisches Gemüse kaufen. 2. Nations and Nationalities a) Look at these people and their flags and fill in the gaps in the booklet underneath. (12) 3. Might, cant, must, mustnt a) Fill in the gaps. (4) 1. He has been on duty all night. He . be tired. 2. wonder who is at the door. It be Mom, she still at work. 3. The baby has just had his bottle of milk. She be hungry! 4. That man holding the baby, he . be his father. 5. Ahmed is good at acting. He . be an actor one day. 6. He knows lot about Math. He be fond of the subject. 7. It has been raining for weeks. They enjoy their time. 8. He is wearing his winter coat. He be cold. b) Describe these pictures using must be, cant be and might be. (6) 4. Relative Pronouns a) Fill in the chart about relative pronouns. (8) Relative Pronouns What for? Example Sentence Who places That, which whose b) Fill in the gaps. (5) 1. This is the cinema always see the best films. 2. Pia is the woman sold me her car. 3. Is that the man ate five hamburgers in five minutes? 4. No, he the man children you can see over there. 5. Here the newspaper like the most. c) Connect the two sentences using suitable relative pronoun. (5) person is lucky. That person has lot of friends. . An article won prize. The article discussed friendships. . Thats the author. read her book. . George had good friend. He went to school with him. . He works for newspaper. The newspaper is very popular. . 5. Listening Exercise My neighbourhood: Yonge and St. Clair (10) You are going to listen to Liz describing her neighbourhood in Toronto. First read the questions below. Then listen to what Liz says and answer the questions in complete sentences. 1. Where is Liz originally from? (1) 2. Why is Yonge Street famous? (1) 3. What kinds of shops and facilities can you find on Yonge Street? Give four examples Liz mentions. (1) 4. What activities does Liz prefer to do in downtown Toronto? Name one. (1) 5. What is the main advantage of living in Yonge and St. Clair for Liz? (1) 6. What does Liz like about David Balfur Park and the parks connected to it? (1) 7. What disadvantages of the Yonge and St. Clair neighbourhood does Liz mention? (2) 8. Where does Liz want to move to? Why? Give at least two reasons Liz mentions. (2)