Arbeitsblatt: YW 4 Unit 3 Vocistest


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17. Januar 2020 Name: Vocabulary Unit 3 (Reading/Writing) Fill in the missing words. You have list at the bottom. burn flames actress watch television star destroyed discovery past politicians invite sink drown send spaceship astronaut servant moon 1. Life was different 200 years ago, in the . People had to work very hard. Rich people had , that helped to do the housework. 2. Donald Trump is one of the most famous. 3. story tells that the of America happened by Christopher Columbus. 4. People travelled by ship and in bad storms, many of them because they couldnt swim and the water was too cold. 5. Sometimes the ships hit rocks (Felsen) and to the bottom of the sea. 6. If the pirates were stronger, they took all the gold; then they set fire to the ship and the ship 7. In the evening like to relax and with big portion of popcorn. 8. Neil Armstrong was the first who landed on the . He went there in . 9. In the middle ages many towns were by the of big fire. 10. Luna Mwezi is young Swiss and she is already in Switzerland even she is only 12 years old. 11. My grandmother me postcard to me to her birthday party. Max. Punktzahl: 17 Punkte Erreichte Punktzahl: Lernziel erreicht mit 10 Punkten Note: Unterschrift: