Arbeitsblatt: YW 4 u 4 information desk - Lesetext


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6. Schuljahr
2 Seiten




Ernst Meier
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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Textauszüge aus dem Inhalt:

At the information desk Excuse me, madam. Can you help us find room with double bed and an extra bed for two nights. Is there anything near here? Hi! Any idea where can get phone card for my cell phone? My bag! Somebody has stolen my bag! was standing in front of your office looking at the map you gave me! Oh dear – what do do now? My passport and most of my money is in the bag! Is there any chance of getting it back? Thank you again for the address of the Indian restaurant. We had dinner there last night and the food was delicious. Hello. Wed like to go to Berne. We want to go and see the bears. Are there any special trips, by coach for example, or do we have to go by train? Hi honey. am looking for friend. She lives here. Her name is Turner. Shes married to Swiss and havent seen her for years and Ive lost her address. But she lives in house right at the bottom of the mountain. Is there sheriff or anyone else could ask? Well, no there arent. Im sorry. But theres train every two hours. Do you need timetable? Oh, thanks. am glad could help you. Lots of guests tell us they like the food there – and so do Well, there are several hotels in the centre of town, but think some of them are booked out. But try the Alpenrose, thats quite big. Ill show you where it is on the map. You can buy one at the phone shop just round the corner. dont think can help you, madam. Or wait, could look it up on the internet. What was her name? Oh! Thats terrible. You will have to go to the police station. can show you where it is on the map.