Arbeitsblatt: Voci OW Unit 1 part 1


Voci Test zum ersten Teil Unit 1, neues Open World
7. Schuljahr
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Jana Räbsamen
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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Name: Points: 25 Mark: Open World Unit 1: Going places, Vocabulary Test pt. 1 Date: Signature parents: 1. Fill in the gaps with suitable word from this list. Be careful! Not all words are needed! (1 pt each) / 6 pts ticket It excuse famous bike over cinema there besides guide is not far away. We can go there by . Please sit down. Ariana Grande is person. The for the museum costs 10 Francs. me, where is the train station? Do you speak any other language German? 2. Definitions: Write the missing word (1 pt each)/4 pts People who visit another country Someone who steals things traditional Scottish skirt place where adults drink beer (or something else) 3. Fill the gaps with suitable (passend) word. /10 pts 1. When am feeling sad, write my thoughts into my. 2. is lot cheaper (billiger) than hotel. 3. The tickets are so e that cant go to the show. 4. Emily, Im writing to thank you for the nice present. 5. If you want to travel by plane you should solltest) b a_. 6. Viktor is so nice, it was to meet him. 7. Susie and Albert know e from secondary school. 8. All to London today are cancelled. 9. The of Scotlands landscape is breathtaking. 10.Edinburgh is the capital city of. 4. Write meaningful sentence with each word. Use at least 5 words per sentence. pt each 1/ 5 pts left: spot: go on trip to: castle: journey: