Arbeitsblatt: communication_course trip (hard)


Scaffolding Arbeitsblatt (schwierigeres Niveau) zum Austausch über eine Klassenfahrt
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Jeannette Ahrens
Land: Deutschland
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Scaffolding worksheet – hard Scaffolding worksheet – hard Scaffolding worksheet – hard Questions on Possible answers on your course trip your course trip 1. What project week? 1. . 2. How did you get there? 2. 3. Where did you stay? What was it like? 3. Give as much information as you can! 4. Could you describe the place you were staying at? What was the house/flat/apartment like? 4. Give as much information as you can! 5. What were your favourite activities? Why? 5. 6. That sounds interesting. Tell me more about it. 6. What exactly do you want to know? . 7. Well, Im especially interested in 7. Okay, let me tell you something about 8. What were your least favourite activities? Why? 8. 9. What was your topic for your presentation? What do you think about it? Is there anything you could improve next time? 9. 10. Is there anything else youd like to talk about? 10. want to tell you about/ feel fine about , because. Im excited/(un)happy/ about the idea because, 11. Is there any exemplary behaviour (vorbildliches Verhalten) you observed in London you want to keep in mind or even want to adapt to (angewöhnen)? 12. Thanks for giving me all of that interesting information. Language help: • • • • • • What does mean? Excuse me. Can you explain , please? Sorry to interrupt you, but dont understand Could you repeat/say this again, please? Hang on. What do you mean by saying? Im afraid dont understand. 11. believe it is quite respectful not to talk during presentation/play/if other people are talking/ quite sensible (vernünftig) not to lie/ to throw rubbish in bin/to keep shoes on the floor/to be on time/polite/reliable 12. It was pleasure letting you know/talking to you/. Language help: • • • • • • • means that You can compare (vergleichen) with A/An is machine/tool/qualification /job/thing/ which You need it/can use it for ing On the whole The worst thing is To be honest,