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Johnny Delgado Private Detective Chapter 1 Try to say whether these statements about chapter 1 are true, false or whether we have no information. True False No information 1. Johnny ist 17 years old. 2. Johnny, Bex and Carly live in the same tower block. 3. The girls were wearing T-shirts and jeans. 4. Bex wants Johnny to follow her boyfriend Lee Kirk. 5. Johnny has never worked as private detective before. 6. Johnny charges the girls £10 an hour. 7. Lee Kirk and Tanya Nicols are good friends. 8. Carly wants to know where the bathroom is. 9. The girls think that Johnny is good private detective. 10. Johnny knows Lee Kirk. Chapter 2 1. Write few sentences about Johnnys mother. 2. What do you know about Johnnys father? Chapter 3 1. Why is Della seeing the doctor when Johnny wants to visit her? 2. Write few sentences about Marcus. 3. What does Marcus tell Johnny about Lee Kirk? 4. Give description ( Beschreibung) of Benny Toogood. Chapter 4 1. Here are some definitions of words which are used in chapter 4. Find the words in this chapter which match the definitions. a. Not the same as other people: b. Involving risks, possibly even death: c. Not taking unnecessary risks: d. Dark and not very attractive: e. Container where you put things which you dont want. 2. How many blocks are there on the estate? 3. How many floors does each tower has? 4. How many flats are on each floor? 5. How many people do approximately (ungefähr) live on the estate? Chapter 5 1. Write down in few sentences what happens in this chapter. Chapter 6 1. What has happened in the flat where Johnny wakes up? 2. Why is Johnny now in very dangerous situation? 3. Do you think Johnny should have waited for the police and explained what had happened to him? Give 2 reasons to explain your opinion ( Meinung) Chapter 7 Try to say whether these statements about chapter 7 are true, false or whether we have no information. True False No information 1. Betty Travis seems very old. 2. Her hair is wild and grey and her face is full of make-up. 3. Betty Travis knows Johnnys name. 4. She knew Johnnys father. 5. Johnnys mother told Betty, that Johnny was good boy. 6. Betty is Johnnys grandmother in wheelchair. 7. The policemen think, that Betty is mad. 8. Betty helps Johnny because he has good eyes. 9. Betty helps Johnny because shes afraid of him. 10. Johnny asks Betty to give him her mobile phone. Chapter 8 1. Where is the secret hiding place, where Johnny is going now? 2. What does that sentence mean: „Kirk had framed me. (p. 44) 3. Why is his mother suddenly speaking Spanish to him on the phone? 4. Who – do you think – hid the letter in Johnnys bathroom? Chapter 9 1. In chapter 9 Johnny feels fear, anger, sadness and shame. Give one reason for each of these feelings. fear: anger: sadness: shame: Chapter 10 1. In what ways does Johnny show that he is good detective in this chapter? 2. Kirk tells Johnny, that their are „rumours ( Gerüchte) about his dad. What are they all about? Chapter 11 1. The book has an open-end. The author wrote sequel ( Fortsetzung). What do you think will that next book be about?