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vocabulary of lessons 1-3 the first two pages are the test, the other two are pictures to show the students while the test
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new inspiration 2 vocabulary test unit name: st 1 class B,secondary school, Gersag1 points: 25 mark: signature: Complete the definitions with the correct word from unit 2. /6 1 The word describes, where an object is situated in place: It has the opposite meaning of in front of. 2 Like that you call person, that really loves famous singer, band or sports club. When you are such person, you collect for example pictures or autographs and you want to see the stars in person. 3 This word describes, how an object is, when it had contact to water. Its the opposite of dry. 4 Its fantastic being (Wesen). Its much bigger than normal man, but looks like person. In fairy tales (Märchen) it is often evil. 5 This expression has the meaning of costing lot of money, its an adjective. 6 If you have lot of people in place, you can use this word, when you mean all of these people there. Complete the missing words from unit 2s vocabulary! 1 plan to travel to Toronto in Canada next spring. Id like to have cheap flight, so Ill /7 it now. 2 Jessica normally doesnt say much and she doesnt make any noise neither (auch nicht), would say she is girl. 3 When feed my dog, it cant wait second. It runs to its bowl (Schüssel) and starts eating. 4 When our family goes camping, always sleep alone in my The only bad thing is, that its going to be bright very early in the morning. 5 My best friend and me often walk together to school. We try not to be to late or to early there and manage (schaffen) it often to be 6 When our coach explained, that two players are ill at home and wont play in the game, there wasnt good in the room. Some players cursed (fluchen) and others looked down at the floor. 7 You ‘re going to Germany? Did you already your You cant pay with Swiss francs there. Complete the dialogues using the words in brackets and any other words necessary. /6 A: Do you know the band Imagine Dragons? love their music and their drummer is cute. B: Really? You like this music? (stand) A: Why not? Theyre talented. lot of people like their sound, thats why they havent problem to (money) with their music. None of them must have another job. B: Alright they have many fans in the world. Do you go to their concert? prefer (music) (bevorzugen) to listen to CDs or spotify. A: Yes, have been at concert last month. could even at the concert. It lasted until 11pm, so had to B: like to (early) (late) (friends) that day. in the morning. Write the word in English and make reasonable sentence with it! /6 1st word: 2nd word: 3rd word: 4th word: D: pictures for this part of the test 1 2 3 4