Arbeitsblatt: NI2, Unit 4,5 song: father and son


Die Zeilen während dem Hören ordnen und die Wörter ergänzen
8. Schuljahr
2 Seiten




Verena Müller
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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Find , settle down Look at me It not to make change Youre still young, that your fault am old, but Im If you want, you can marry Just, thake it easy There so much you have to know To be calm when youve found But take your time, lot For you will still be here Something going on was once like you are now But your may not And know that it not Why, think of everything youve got Same old It always been the same That have to go away was ordered to How can try to explain? From the could talk know have to go Cause when do, he away again Now there way, and know Just sit down, take it Find girl, settle down am old, but Im happy It not time to make change Youre still, that your fault If you want, you can There so much you have to go through at me All the know have to go But it to ignore it But it them they know, not me Keeping all the things knew inside If they were, Id agree That have to go away It hard Now there, and know