Arbeitsblatt: FCE Checklist Speaking Exam Part 3


FCE Checklist Speaking Exam Part 3
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Checklist FCE Speaking Part 3 You and your partner will be given 5 prompts and question to discuss within the next 2 minutes. After the discussion, the examiner will ask you and your partner an additional question about the topic youve just discussed. (you have about 1 minute to discuss this question) Youll get scored on «Interactive communication» (how you interact with your partner) Interactive communication: Start conversations Listen and respond to your partner Keep the conversation going Ask questions Take turns speaking Take short turns (dont speak for too long and ask your partner question) Use body language (turn towards your partner, make eye contact, look interested) Express your opinions (agree, disagree politely) Ask questions (ask your partner questions – simple or complex, for example after disagreeing) Useful phrases for this part: Would you like to begin? Shall start? I agree with you. I see your point. I couldnt agree with you more. Youre absolutely right. Im not sure agree. I get your point, but Thats one way of looking at it. On the other hand If your partner wont stop talking, interrupt: Thats an interesting point, but what about this idea? Ok, lets discuss this point next. Shall we move on to this point now? If your partner is shy and wont say much: What do you think? Which do you prefer? Do you think its good idea to ? Whats your opinion on ? What are your views on ?