Arbeitsblatt: Past Continuous and Past simple


Übungsblatt zu den beiden Zeiten Past Continuous und Past simple.
8. Schuljahr
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Michelle Heinzmann
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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S2 2021 MH Past Simple and Past Continuous Wann wird das Past Continuous benutzt? Das Past Continuous findet Verwendung bei Handlungen, die gerade in diesem Moment in der Vergangenheit ablaufen. Diese Aktion oder Situation beginnt vor diesem Moment und ist zu eben diesem Moment noch nicht abgeschlossen. Beispiel: This time last year was living in Italy. was working at 9pm last night. Das Past Continuous wird häufig in Kombination mit dem Past Simple verwendet. Eine Handlung unterbricht eine gleichzeitig ablaufende Handlung. Dabei wird die Handlung, welche länger andauert, durch das Past Continuous ausgedrückt. Die kürzere Handlung, welche oft nur Sekunden dauert, ist durch das Past Simple gekennzeichnet. Beispiel: burnt my finger when was cooking meal. While he was waiting for Liz, Tom knocked on the door. Task 1 Put the verb in the bracket in the past simple form. 1. Oh no there is no milk left. think John (drink) all the milk. 2. We (catch) really big fish on our fishing trip last week. 3. Luckily, she (survive) the car crash. 4. Where is Emma? think she_ (go) shopping. 5. Wow, this is really nice picture you (draw) for me. Task 2 Put the verbs in the brackets in the past continuous form. 1. He (play) the piano when the thief entered the house. 2. What were you doing? (watch) movie. 3. In 1945, many people in Europe (starve). 4. (ride) my bike, when the crash happened. 5. (light) the candle when burned my hand. Task 3 Put the verbs into the past continuous or the past simple form. 1 S2 2021 MH 1. We (have) lunch when the fire alarm (ring). 2. (play) golf with my dad when it (start) raining. 3.(lose) my wallet while (shop). 4. They (listen) to the news when they (hear) the news. 5. Mum and Dadstill (argue) when (leave) the house. Task 4 Choose word from the box and put it in the past simple or past continuous form. take work watch listen play 1. didnt hear the phone ring, shower. 2. saw Paul ten minutes ago, he baseball in the park. 3. When got in the house, my friends horror film. 4. My Dad couldnt come to watch the match, he at my uncles shop. 5. We couldnt sleep last night, our neighborsto music very loud. Task 5 Look at the pictures and use the words and phrases to form sentences in the past continuous or/and past simple. 2 S2 2021 3 MH