Arbeitsblatt: Young World 2 Unit 4 Grammar


Es ist eine Prüfung zur Grammatik der vierten Unit im Young World 2.
4. Schuljahr
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Carolina Grajales
Land: Schweiz
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Unit 4- Forest animals: Grammar exam Date: 1. name: points:/22 mark: or an /3P word or an a) anthill b) squirrel c) woodpecker d) root e) owl f) spiderweb 2. Use the present continuous and write 8 sentences to this picture. /8P 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 3. These are facts. Use the present simple. /4P a. Clara/ read/ always b. Peter/ catch/ butterfly /never c. My mother/ never/ deer/ hunt d. fly/always/bee 4. All sentences are written small. Correct the words, which have to be written big. /3P a. hello my name is fred jones. am forester. love foxes, deer, squirrels and birds. b. my cousin lives in zürich. it is big city in switzerland. c. pablo picasso was famous artist. like his art very much. d. snakes have very good sense of touch. there are many snakes in africa. e. like the singer lady gaga. she is very funny and talented. f. my dogs name is bingo. he loves to play with ball. What is forbidden? Write sentences with dont. /3P Ex. Dont feed the animals catch make/ cut /fly /nail/ hunt/ eat/ climb 5.