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Jerome Philipp
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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ENGLISCHPRÜFUNG 1e Name: Punktzahl: Note: Maximale Punktzahl: 1. Order to make QUESTION sentences. /4 a.) with me tonight go out will you ? b.) Ben to the beach /go to swim will ? c.) in June work or not they will ? d.) next week will it be snowing ? e.) by car your dad travel or by plane will ? f.) live on Mars will people ? g.) Gary move will to New York ? h.) to Madrid go/ Joe will ? 2. Fill in the gaps. Put the correct form of will. a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. k. l. m. n. o. A: your friend be at the party? B: Yes, she. Hello. Mr. Smith? This is Peter. be at work today because Im sick. Those bags look heavy. Let me help. carry the big one for you. My brother speak to me because hes very angry! What time the sun rise tomorrow morning? A: you be twenty years old next month? B: No,. Flight CX793 depart from Gate 12 in ten minutes. Do you think people live on the moon in your lifetime? Yes, maybe bake some cookies tomorrow. A: Are you ready to order, sir? B: Yes, thank you. have hamburger. It be midnight in few minutes. Its time to go to bed! When do you think we have our next test? Maybe it rain tomorrow, and maybe it. A: you marry me? B: Yes,! /9 3. Order to make QUESTION sentences. /8 Answer the sentences with suitable will-sentence. a.) will you What have for dinner/ b.) will she go on holiday Where ? . c.) Who help you will/ d.) will When play football you ? e.) will sing who with you ? . f.) What will you do tomorrow ? g.) you go Where will ? h.) will you When go to the cinema/ 4. Löse das Kreuzworträtsel . /6