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Test past simple irregular verbs
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Alain Bocchetti
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Name: Grammar Test Unit 1 Grade 1. Write down question in the past simple in your own words. (2 points) 2. Find the simple past form of the following regular verbs. (4 points) a) to rain c) to want b) to kiss d) to cook 3. Find the simple past form of the following irregular verbs. (4 points) a) to bring c) to forget b) to drink d) to hear 4. Find the base form of the following irregular verbs in simple past forms. (4 points) a) caught c) threw b) bought d) ate 5. Write down the right past simple form of the verb to be. (10 points) We You They He The cat She The dog It The cars 23.11.2021 1 6. Put in the right form of the irregular verbs in the past simple. (5 points) Last year she member of the club. (to become) We different color. (to choose) She from the ladder. (to fall) On our last holiday they to Hawaii. (to fly) You an important decision. (to make) 7. Create sentence in the past simple with the following words. (3 points) a) Yesterday I to have a pizza for dinner. . b) Last week you not to be at school because you to go on holidays. . Total Points 30 2