Arbeitsblatt: Young world 4 / Unit 1


Lernkontrolle Unit 1
6. Schuljahr
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Regina Irminger
Land: Schweiz
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Young world 4 Unit 1 Write much or many in the gaps. a) How rice do you eat per month b) How people were at the party? c)How jam does Tim linke on his bread? d) How bars of chocolate have you eaten e) How sandwiches does Julia want for lunch? f) How of this vegetable soup would you like Write the correct questions. Start the questions with How much How many a) ? drink five glasses of water day. b) ? There are 24 pupils in my class. c)? Ive got lot of money. d) ? would like just little bit of milk in my coffee. e) ? Sarah has got three pets. f) ? We have four lessons on Wednesday. g) ? dont put any pepper on my salad. h) ? My grandfather doesnt have any hair. i) ? Bill has got two brothers and three sisters. Wohin gehören die Wörter? Ordne zu. bacon, toast, croissant, salt, porridge, sausage, pancake, honey, milk, butter, marmelade, tomato, sugar, apple countable nouns singular plural uncountable nouns Ergänze die Mengenangaben of of of of of of porridge bread milk cereal cheese cold cuts Schreibe Sätze mit always eat Every day eat On Sundays eat .