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English Open World 1 Unit 1 Test: Grammar Name: Date: R1c PG Points: 40 Mark (Note): 1. Which one is .? COMPARATIVE FORMS OF ADJECTIVES /10 Look at the sentences and fill in the gaps with comparative form of the word given. 0) My cake has more sugar than your cake. It is sweeter (sweet) than yours. 1) My brother can run faster than me. He is (fit) than am. 2) liked the second museum more than the first. It was (interesting). 3) Its good idea to take jacket. Its an even(good) idea to take an umbrella! 4) The castle is(old) than the parliament building. 5) Today was quite warm, but tomorrow should be bit (warm) still. 6) The view from the castle was beautiful but the one from Arthurs Seat was (beautiful). 7) That map is quite difficult to read. Take this one – its (easy) to follow. 8) Which of the towers is(high)? 9) would look for souvenirs in that shop, not this one. They have (big) selection. 10) The museum offers great things for older and(young) visitors. 2. Talking about the past. PAST SIMPLE /10 Complete the sentences with the past simple form of the verb given. You will sometimes have to write question using personal pronoun. 0)Youwere(be) in school last week. Am right? 1) Who (you, play) football with in the park? 2) Yesterday(go) on an open-deck bus tour around the city. It was great! 3) What (your host mother, serve) for dinner yesterday? 4) My aunt knows Edinburgh well. She(work) in Scotland for five years. 5) (you, eat) haggis when you were in Scotland? 6) (stand) in the rain for twenty minutes waiting for the bus this morning. 7) We(drive) to the coast to get boat to Inchcolm Island. 8)(buy) lots of souvenirs when was on holiday in Scotland. 9) We(look) around lots of museums when we were in Edinburgh. 10) (you, see) some interesting sights on your tour of the Highlands? English Open World 1 Unit 1 Test: Grammar 3. Talking about the present PRESENT SIMPLE R1c PG /10 Complete the sentences with the present simple form of the verb given. You will sometimes have to write question using personal pronoun. 0) We dont drive_ (not to drive) to France. 1) They (to help) their parents. 2) She (to forget) the lunchbox. 3) His sister (not/ to like) lemonade. 4) (to drink/ you) mineralwater? 5) Johnny and Danny (not to swim) in the lake. 6)Andy (to do) shopping? 7) They (to be) brother and sister. 8)(we/ to be) happy about the test? 9) He(not/ to be) happy with his situation. 10) Tom (to speak) French. 4. Questions from police officer QUESTION WORDS /5 0. What_ are you doing here? a. is your name? you live? c.old are you? d.were you last night? e.did you see yesterday? f.did you hear? g.many times did you hear her scream? h.did you not call the police? j.did you come back? i.did you go after leaving the house? Unit 1 Test: Grammar English Open World 1 5. Questions from Tourist CORRECT WORD ORDER R1c PG /5 Bring the words into the correct order. Dont forget the punctuation and to write capital letter at the beginning of the sentence! 0. in we Zürich in are or Schaffhausen? Are we in Zürich or in Schaffhausen? a. to way the what best the Rhinefalls is b. tell the Munot get to me can you how to c. the it Fronwagplatz how far is to d. can where you me station tell the is e. nearest is where restaurant the Wie gut hast du dich auf die Prüfung vorbereitet? 0 gar nicht 0 ein bisschen Wie ist dir die Prüfung gelaufen? Wähle ein Smiley. Schätze deine Note:_ 0 ziemlich gut 0 sehr gut