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Comparison 1. cow is than sheep. (fast) 2. Helen has little money but Mary has money. (little) 3. Austria is than Switzerland. (large) 4. Whisky is than beer. (strong) 5. Gold is than silver. (heavy) 6. palace is than flat. (expensive) 7. bed is than sofa (nice). 8. The president is than am. (famous) 9. Helen is bad student. Mary isstudent. Jenny is thestudent. 10. Helen reads good books. Mary readsbooks. Jenny reads the books. 11. Helen has many friends. Mary has friends. Jenny has thefriends. 12. The shop is closed. (near) 13. The news were not on TV. (late) 14. My sister isthan my friend. (old) 15. Your car isthan my car. (beautiful) 16. Small bananas are often than big ones. (good) 17. The grass here is than the grass in our garden (short). 18. The book isthan the film. (interesting) 19. It is to go with someone than to go alone. (nice) 20.A mountain is than hill. (high) 1) London is than Vienna. (big) 2) The cheetah is the animal in the world. (fast) 3) Helen is thegirl in our class. (tall) 4) think bananas arethan apples. (good) 5) Learning English is as as learning French. (difficult) 6) Peter is theplayer in the football team. (bad) 7) Susan is than Mary. (happy) 8) The blue shoes arethan the brown ones. (expensive) 9) horse runsthan cow. (fast) 10)Miriam is asas her mother. (clever) 11) My father isthan my brother. (tall) 12)There arepupils in our class than in Helens class. (many) 13)Is their car as as our car? (small) Comparison Level 2 Fill in the correct form: positive comparative – superlative 1. Wool isin England than in Austria. (cheap) 2. Toms test was very but Bobs test than Toms. (bad) 3. My friend is not asas am. Im the boy in class. (tall) 4. This time our dictation was not as as last time. (difficult) 5. The Browns have house. Oh no, our house isthan the Browns house. (beautiful) 6. Mr. Lewis is driver. But my father drives even (sogar)(good). 7. The new dress wasthan thought. (expensive) 8. This was the film have ever seen. (bad) 9. earn than you do. (little) 10. Sue can type as as can (fast) but Monica is (good). 11. My little brother makesmistakes than do. (few) 12. She is the girl know. (polite) 13. Carol is thegirl in our class. (careful) 14. My schoolbag isthan yours, but Simons is the (heavy) 15. She is than thought. She will give theanswers. (selfish) egoistisch. 16. Pam is even than last year. She is thegirl know. (pretty)