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Stefanie Bernhard
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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Englisch NW 5 Reading Unit 2 Diese Strategien habe ich gebraucht: Punkte 08.12.2021 Name: max. Punkte Bewertung 24 Erreicht ab leich gerade recht schwierig 13.5 Punkte. A) Correct, false or not in the text? statement If you like to fix sinks, you can call Bob. You dont need an interview if you want to become an astronaut. Alis Restaurant serves Asian and European food. Ali has new restaurant. The Space Agency is looking for monkeys. The Hollywood movie company is looking for people with acting experience. You can start working in week at the restaurant. You must bring money to our office in Sometown, U.S.A., if you want to become rich. Alis Restaurant is located on Main Street. You have to call today if you want to work at Speedy Plumbers. The big Hollywood movie company is making new TV Show. My job 11p correc false not in the text Eustasio Gallivan, receptionist at Darkwood Beach Hotel, Jamaica Im hotel receptionist. usually work from 7 am to 3 pm but occasionally work nights. prefer working during the day because meet more guests. When Im on night shift Im responsible for the close of day. check both the manual records and the computer records to see which rooms are occupied, which are unoccupied, which are closed for maintenance and which need cleaning. The manager is not on duty at night or at the weekends so Im responsible for everything at these times. During the day shift send faxes and emails confirming bookings, check in new guests and prepare bills for the guests checking out. also answer the telephone calls, deal with enquiries, take reservations and put calls through to other departments. Before large group checks in, we receive running list of all the names from the booking agents. check people in as fast as possible because they have usually traveled long way and know they are tired. After that check the running list against the names of guests who checked in. There are often differences so phone the agency to confirm the group names. B) Answer the questions in German. 1. Wo arbeitet Eustasio Gallivan? 1p 2. Wie sind seine Arbeitszeiten? 2p 3. Wieso arbeitet er lieber am Tag als in der Nacht? Nenne zwei Gründe. 2p 4. Was tut er am Tag? Nenne vier Dinge. 2p 5. Wieso möchte er das Check-in schnell abschliessen? 2p 6. Nach dem Einchecken: Was muss er erledigen und warum? 2p Was: Warum:_ C) Übersetze die Wörter auf Deutsch. 2p responsible receive occupied confirm