Arbeitsblatt: Englisch a/an 5.Klasse


a oder an einfügen
4. Schuljahr
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Merve :)
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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a/an an before before consonant sounds vowel sounds 1. Nick has big nose. 2. Can have cup of tea? 3. My new T-shirt has yellow print. 4. cat has whiskers. 5. Andy and Tony have day off. 6. Neil has dog. 7. need new towel. 8. Lets read story. 9. Lets read English story. 10.Have you got exercise book? 11.My father is doctor. 12.Is your father doctor, too? 13.I dont want cake. 14.I have never been in airplane. 15.I have got big shirt. 16.She is Swedish girl. 17.What nice day! 18.There is long queue. 19.Give me piece of the cake. 20.It is long time now. 21.Do you want blue one or grey one? 22.He is good player. 23.I know funny game. 24.I am tired after holiday. 25.Bill is good friend. 26.Are you good friend? 27. banana is yellow. 28. England has queen. 29. got umbrella for my birthday. 30. Today is hot day. 31. Doug has white jersey. 32. They have ordered hot dish. 33. apple day keeps the doctor away. 34. am proud pupil. 35. My dog is German shepard. 36. Hawaii is island. 37. It is Christmas once year. 38. The Nile is river. 39. France is country. 40. The family got hamburger for everybody. 41. He is boy. 42. She is Australian girl. 43. Mr Hanson loves egg for breakfast. 44. Do you need English dictionary? 45. Have you got hairbrush? 46. would like fast car. 47. Give me hour. 48. It is easy book. 49. There are man and woman in the car. 50. Let me show you new photo.