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Test zur Unit 7
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Test: English in Mind – Unit 7 Name:_ maximale Punktzahl: 60 erreichte Punktzahl: 1.Vocabulary (16P) Kühlschrank Licht abheben Föhn hinausgehen aussteigen weit weg Traum sofort denken sich hinlegen Flug Unfall Erfinder erhalten abholen abstellen 2. a) Write sentence and use the past simple. b) Write the question in the past simple. (12P) 1) Peter – have an accident 2) she – make call 3) the family – say goodbye 4) they – come home 5) we – tell story 6) roses – grow fast 7) Paul – give Anna gift 8) Amy – do puzzle 9) the boy – get fever 10) Mrs Brown – eat chocolate 11) she – become star 12) we – go to the park 3.Complete the sentences with the past simple form of the verb. (10P) Vacation by the sea Every day we (sehen) dolphins in the sea. We (treffen) nice people and (gehen) with them to the park. There we(zeichnen) on the ground with chalk and (trinken) coke. With stones we (bauen) castle. We (nehmen) many photos of it. We (werden) good friends. I_(denken) back lot to the good times. After the vacation, we (schicken) each other postcards. 4. Complete the sentences with the past simple form of the verb. (12P) on – down in – up off on – up out – off down out down The plane takes It dark in here. Turn the light. Peter wakes early. The music is too loud. Turn it. The bus is coming. Let get it. Your shoes are dirty. Take them. The knife is dangerous. Put it_. We are too late. Get the car. We have to go. We want to eat. Take the ice cream of the freezer. This is not your room. Get of here. You are tired. Lie. Dad cant hear the TV. Can you turn it, please? 5. Write short information questions about the underlined information. (6P) She gave me something for my birthday. What did she give me? 1. Karl Benz invented something. 2. saw someone in the street. 3. We went somewhere last week. 4. played tennis sometime yesterday. 5. He went to the park. 6. made cakes yesterday. 6. Wie war es? (4P) A: saw little birds. B: A: They were sweet. A: met my new friend. B: A: think he is nice. A: watched new film on TV. B: A: It was funny. A: There were lot of people dont know at the party. B: A: They were really friendly.