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Test: English in Mind Unit 2 Name: maximale Punktzahl: erreichte Punktzahl: Vocabulary (15P) Tasche Geschichte Familie Pause Kunst Tante Schwester Bleistift aufräumen Grosseltern Bücherregal Mutter Lehrperson Klassenzimmer die Wäsche aufhängen To be (1P) ich bin du bist er/sie/es ist wir sind ihr seid sie sind What are they doing? Make sentences. (6P) Spelling of verbs ing (4P ing je 1/4) -e ing double consonant ing make – give cook – swim – go – watch – visit live – do – have – help – play – come – shop – listen – sit Present continuous (15P) You(play) football now. We (get) up right now. My sister(visit) London. His friend_(go) to the theatre. My parents_(cook) the supper. I_(watch) TV right now. They_(read) comic. We(sit) down. He_(talk) to Anna now. I_(put) rubbish in bin. Anna_(walk) in the park. -She(come) to school now. You(have) good time. The girls(listen) to music. -My dog (sleep). Make questions. (5P)you having shower now?Peter writing postcard?Anna and Paul having breakfast at the moment?we going home right now?she working with partner? Asking for information (6P)old is his brother? Thirteen.are you doing right now? Im doing my Anna from? She is from Peters birthday. In your best friend? My best friend is Peter.are you parents staying in London? My parents are working there. Answer these questions. (8P) Rechtschreibfehler werden nicht bewertet. Radio host: And now have Sunita Hamal on the phone. Hello! Where are you from? Sunita: Hi.I live in Nepal in small village. Its in the mountains. Radio host: Right. And what are you doing now, Sunita? Sunita: Im doing my homework. There isnt any electricity in the house and its dark so Im sitting on the floor in my house with lantern. Radio host: see. And do you like doing your homework? Sunita: Oh, yes. love school and really like studying too. Radio host: Do you help with the housework as well? Sunita: Of course. get home after school at about six oclock and wash the clothes. In the morning my sister and fetch the drinking water. Its long walk, but we go with our friends and talk, so its fun. Radio host: You have long day then, Sunita. Sunita: Well, get up at about six oclock and we all go to bed at ten in the evening. Its nearly bedtime now. Radio host: Right, Id better say goodbye then. Thank you so much for talking to us, and good luck with the homework! Sunita: Thank you, and goodbye. Where is Sunita living? Who is talking to Sunita?_ What is Sunita doing before school? Where is she doing her homework? When is she going to bed? Why does she need lantern at home?_ Who is fetching the drinking water?_ What is she doing after school?