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Test: English in Mind 9e- Unit 4 maximale Punktzahl: 70 Name: erreichte Punktzahl: Vocabulary (20P) Chor letztes Wochenende Leben nahe berühmt Musiker Nachname gestern Morgen Datum, Verabredung Wann wurdest du geboren? Es ist ein Scherz! Es tut mir leid! Wohnung letztes Jahr klassische Musik Ehefrau Mai Dezember Februar März Fill in the gaps! (4P) 50 Cent was in New York, the United States_ 6th July 1975. He is rapper and actor. on -James Jackson III – better dead life in – at – bad – famous – musician – rapper born Past simple Fill in the correct verb! (14P) Where Anna from?John Lennon in the Beatles? I very happy. The girls late for school. My wife in London. There three musicians in the sister at home?there good films on TV last evening? Where you last weekend? My grandparentsin New York last year. We with Peter last weekend. You in your bedroom last night at nine oclock. I with my family. How the party? Prepositions of time (14P) Lets meet four oclock. was in England 2019. Peter will start his new job Monday. She gets up early the morning. We are working the moment. will see you few weeks. She was born 2004. Her birthday is the fifth of June. In Switzerland it often rains_ summer. Our parents will be back an hour. We have lunch_ noon. Anna goes to the gymFridays. Doctors often worknight. usually phone my friends the weekend. Write the numbers! (6P) 25 14 8 69 37 11 Ordinal numbers (4P) 1. 16. 23. 2. Answer the questions! (8P) Schreibfehler werden nicht bewertet. Death in New York Ex-Beatle John Lennon was born in England in 1940, but he was in the United States in 1980. On 8th December, he and his wife, Yoko Ono, were in New York. That afternoon they were on their way to recording studio to record new song. There was an American man called Mark Chapman in the street. In his hand there was piece of paper and pen. ‘Mr Lennon, he said. ‘Can have your autograph? John Lennon signed his name on the piece of paper and Chapman walked away. In the evening, John and Yoko were in front of their apartment building. There was man at the door. It was the same man. It was Mark Chapman. This time there wasnt pen in his hand, there was gun. ‘Mr Lennon! he said. Suddenly there were five shots from the gun and John Lennon was dead. He was only 40 years old. Three minutes later the police were at the apartment building. Mark Chapman was still there. His only words were, ‘I shot John Lennon. Why? No one really knows. When was John Lennon born? Where was he on the 8th December 1980? What was the musician going to do that afternoon? What did Marc Chapman want at the first meeting? Who is Yoko Ono? Why did John Lennon die? How long did it take the police to arrive? Why did Marc Chapman kill John Lennon?