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Test: English in Mind – Unit 5 Name:_ maximale Punktzahl: 75 erreichte Punktzahl: Vocabulary (16P) kleckern, eine Schweinerei anrichten Mond Gesetz Held heiraten Busfahrer Flughafen Tochter Herz (in) Schwierigkeiten (sein) ankommen Krieg passieren Soldat König werden auf eine Party gehen Prepositions with arrive (7P) We arrivedBasel at four oclock. The train arrivesthe station in five minutes. When does the plane arrive_London? She arrived the hospital. When did your mother arriveItaly? Anna arrived lateschool yesterday morning. On Tuesday night they arrivedhome. Use do, make, go or have! (12P) puzzle for walk a mistake the housework fun rest phone call exercises my hair a great time an accident a noise Put these sentences in the simple past! (14P) In the morning(have) breakfast at eight oclock. Peter_(play) tennis. They(love) animals. You (make) mistake. He_(study) to be policeman in London. Peter(walk) to school. Her family_(move) to France when she was 16. My mother_(plan) everything. You (help) Anna with her homework. The students(open) their books. We(go) for walk. People_(talk) to their friends on mobile phones. We(do) our housework last evening. He_(start) flying planes in 2012. Write questions about the past. Write these sentences with the negative past simple form. (11P) They arrived late for school. ? The boy wanted to be racing driver. - John Lennon played the guitar. ? His son married an old school friend. - Anna visited her grandparents. -_ You watched TV. ?_ Armstrong walked on the moon in 1973. -. They made questions in the past simple. -. Rosa lived in New York. ?. You finished good book. ?. My father worked as doctor. -. Fill in the missing verbs and use the past simple. (15P) Rosa Parks Rosa Parks(beendete) work. She (kletterte) onto bus. She (suchte) for seat. She (blieb) in her seat. Rosa_ (änderte) the United States forever that day. When Rosa (war) little girl, she (ging lief) to school. The white children (reisten) by bus. She (schaute) that bus every day. She (studierte) in black school with black children. The bus driver (rief) the police. Many black people (waren) very angry and they (hörten auf) using the buses. Things (begannen /starteten) to change all over the United States. Rosa (arbeitete) to help black Americans.