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Unit 4 2 Its showtime The actors best performance In pairs read the rules below. Possessive with or of-construction Rule You often use the possessive with or to talk about possessions Steves bike ), relationships my mothers friend and physical appearances the dogs fur of people, animals and countries. You often use constructions with of in connection with nouns that are not the names of people, animals or countries. Examples Geoffreys favourite film is Titanic. The name of the street is difficult to remember the streets name ). The performers clothes were black. They are waiting at the back of the room the rooms back ). Look for meaningful word pairs among the words below. Decide whether you need to connect the words using the possessive with / or an of-construction and write the connected words in the table below. You may use each word more than once to form pairs. Jake England possessive with or house nose name costume show cat colour door of-construction the colour of the door On separate piece of paper, write short text about film or an event you didnt like at all. Write about the actors musicians singers performers, the story action and the atmosphere. Think about when to use the s- and the of-construction in your sentences. Use each construction at least once. Als Kopiervorlage freigegeben. Klett und Balmer Verlag, 2020 Support and Boost, Open World 3 55