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An easy exam on the book "David Copperfield"
Lesen / Literatur
8. Schuljahr
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Xenia Zindel
Land: Schweiz
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Improvement Test David Copperfield Name: Parents Signature: Points:/63 Grade: Exercise 1: Translate to German or English/ 15p humble clerk 2 he deceived us all 2 I was delighted 2 to stare at 1 a funeral 1 jemandem vor Gericht bringen Betrug (n) 2 ertrinken (v) 1 Anwalt (n) 1 Diener (n) 1 Schiffbruch (n) 1 1 Exercise 2: Some detailed questions about the story. Answer shortly. / 21p Ch 1 Which family member came to visit Clara Copperfield and David when baby David was born? (Write the name of the person and what family member he/she is) 2 Ch 2 Who did Davids mother marry when Davy was still little boy? 1 How did he treat David? 1 Who sent David to his first school? 1 Why was he sent away? 1 Ch 3 Improvement Test David Copperfield Ch 4 Who became Davids friends in Salem House? (Name two people) 1 Ch 5 Which family, who later became Davids close friends, did David live with when he started working in the warehouse in London? 1 Ch 6 Why did David decide to leave the job in the warehouse in London and find his aunt? (Mention two things) 1 1 Where did Davids aunt live? (Name the city) Ch 7 Who was Mr Wickfield? (Name his profession and his relation to Davids second wife) 1 1 Who was Mr Wickfields clerk? Ch 8 Who was the man who was engaged to little Emily? 1 Ch 17 How did he die? 1 Ch 12 Why was Uriah Heep villain? (Name two of his evil plans) 2 Ch 13 Name one thing Dora wasnt good at as wife. 1 What happened in Doras life which made her sick so she never got well again? 1 In ch 20 David writes Now the bad times are far away and we are very happy. Why is David happy at the end of the story? (Name three things) 3 Ch 16 Ch 20 Improvement Test David Copperfield Exercise 3: Answer shortly / 4p 1 Did you like the story? Why? Name two things. 2 2 Which character in the story did you like best? Why? 2 Exercise 4: False or True/ 15p Statements David and Dora couldnt have children, because Dora was too ill. David stopped loving Dora when he realised that she couldnt do any housekeeping work. David disliked Uriah Heep and didnt trust him at all. Because of Mr. Wickfield, Aunt Betsy lost all her money and had to stay with David who was living in London. Uriah Heep was in love with Agnes and wanted to marry her. Mr. Wickfied never wanted David to marry Agnes and become his son-in-law. Mr. Micawber was the one who discovered that Uriah was villain. In order to thank Mr. Micawber, Ms Betsy Trotwood lent some money to Micawbers, who decided to emigrate to Australia. Also on board the ship were Mr. and Ms. Peggotty with little Emily. David finally found out who his true love was, married Agnes and took over Mr. Wickfields solicitors office. x Improvement Test David Copperfield Exercise 5: Write meaningful sentence using the word in English./ 8p Example: Saite: guitar has six strings. Not: String is word. What does string mean? Saite: a. Ein Bettler b. Eine Witwe c. ruinieren d. Taschentuch