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A harder version of the exam on the book "David Copperfield"
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Reading Test David Copperfield Name: Points: February 23rd 2022 Parents Signature:/73 Exercise 1: Translate the meaning of all the words in the phrases into German. Verbs must be translated into correct German tenses. /14 Phrases Words beggar (n) Translation to spoil someone (v) clerk (n) humble (adj.) cane (n) to blush (v) solicitor (n) to ruin someone (v) Some old friends turn up wreck (n) villainy (n) fraud deceit (n) an emigrant (n) Exercise 2: Use the words to form correct sentence or explain the words in English. Example: Investiga tor An investigator is someone who looks for information to uncover crime. /4 Word divorce portrtait ruins widow handkerc hief Sentence explanation Reading Test David Copperfield February 23rd 2022 Exercise 3: Answer the questions shortly or complete the sentences. /32 Ch 1 Where was David Copperfield born? 2 Ch 1 What happened to Davids father? 1 Ch 12 Who was the person (not family member) who lived for some time with David and his mother and helped David lot? 2 What was her profession? Ch 2 Who did Davids mother marry? 2 How did he treat David? Ch 4 Davids stepfather sent him away to Salem House in London where teachers beat students with stick. Which two people did David meet in this school who became close friends to him? 1 Ch 5 What tragic events happened in this chapter that made David and Peggotty very sad? (List 2 things) 2 Ch 5 After Davids mother , Mr Murdstone sent 2 Peggotty away and told David that he didnt have. for his education. Murdstone decided that David should startin warehouse in London. While working in the warehouse in London, David lived with the family of Mr.who was always in debt. The family became very good friends with David and helped him Ch 6 Ch 7 later. Who did David decide to visit and ask for help after his friends left for Plymouth and he was hungry and sad? Where did this person live? (Name the person and the city) 2 What two things didnt this person like? 2 In ch. 7 David and his aunt went to Canterbury to look for school for David. What was the name of the lawyer who helped them and invited David to live with them? 1 Reading Test David Copperfield Ch 8 February 23rd 2022 What was the lawyers daughters name? How was she important for David in the story? 2 Who was the unpleasant person working for Betsys lawyer? What was his profession? 2 In ch. 8 David and Steerforth went to Yarmouth to visit Davids friends. What did Steerforth do with little Emily? 1 Who was little Emily engaged to? 1 Ch 9 What two plans did Uriah Heep have with Mr. Wickfield and Agnes? 2 Ch 10 Who was Davids first wife? 1 What problems did David and she have in their marriage? 2 Who proved that Uriah Heep was villain? 1 Where did this person, his family and the Pegottys emigrate to? 1 Which secret did David tell Agnes in ch 19? 1 What was Agnes secret? 1 Ch 13 Ch 14 Ch 18 Ch 19 Exercise 4: Put the following events in the order in which they happen (Number 1 to 8)./4 A E D Aunt Betsy introduced David to Mr Wickfield&Agnes and helped him get an education. David was born in England not knowing his father who died before Davids birth. Mr Wickfields clerk, Uriah, planned to take over Wickfields business and marry Agnes. Dora got ill and died. David went to Italy&Switzerland writing books. After three years he realized that Agnes had been his true love. The two met and realized that they both loved each other. They married and had five children. After finishing school David worked for Mr Spenlow and fell in love with his daughter Dora. David lived with Micawbers family but after they left London, he was hungry, sad and decided to go to Dover and ask his aunt Betsy for help. Reading Test David Copperfield G February 23rd 2022 Mr Micawber revealed Heeps villainy and helped aunt Betsy recover her money. Davids mother married Mr Murdstone who treated him badly and sent him to work in warehouse after her death. Reading Test David Copperfield February 23rd 2022 Exercise 5: Who are the people in the pictures. What is happening in each picture? Use the present simple or continuous tense to describe the situation in each picture./8 The people in the picture are . 2 2 2 Reading Test David Copperfield February 23rd 2022 2 Exercise 6: True (T), false (F)/10 Statements At the beginning of the story, David ‘s father and mother divorced. Clara Pegotty was Davids aunt who helped Clara Copperfield look after him. Mr Murdstone sent David to Salems House as punishment because David bit him. Steerforth and Traddles became Davids friends in Salems House. David left his mother and went to his aunt in Dover because he didnt like Mr Murdstone. David met Mr Micawber for the first time because he lived with his family while working as lawyer in London. Doras father, Mr. Splenlow wanted David to marry his daughter. Agnes and David were very good friends since they were children. Uriah Heep had plans to steal Doras dog and marry her. 1 2 3 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10 F Little Emilys husband Ham died in storm while trying to save Steerforth from drowning. Estimated points easy medium difficult