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Fantastic Mr.Fox
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Iris Tauderer
Land: Schweiz
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Group Work Role cards Passage Picker Word Wizard Your job is to highlight parts (sentences passages) of the text that you found significant, engaging, or unusual. Your job is to look for new and or unknown word. Highlight them, look them up in the dictionary and write them down. f. ex.: an interesting part, good description, funny part, scary part, sad part, etc. f. ex.: new, different, strange, funny, interesting, important Roald Dahl Author Summariser Discussion Director Your job is to write short summary of the reading of the text chapters so far. Your job is to write down some good questions that you think your group would want to talk about. f. ex.: the most important informations f. ex.: why, who, when, where, how, what if, etc. 1 Create profile about the author Roald Dahl. Add information in bullet points. You can find some information with the QR code. Name: Born on: Born in: Place of residence, country: Family: Known work: Childhood and education Parents: School time: Vocational training (Berufsausbildung): That what life was like back then: : Other Important events: This is how the writing began: More works: Prizes/Awards: : 2 The Three Farmers Chapter 1 You got some information about the three farmers Boggis, Bunce and Bean in chapter one. Write down the information in the chart. Farmer Information 3 Mr. Fox Chapter 2 Draw Mr. and Mrs. Fox home. How do you think it looks like? What did Boggis, Bunce and Bean do to catch the robber? What did Mr. Fox do to not get caught? Describe Beans plan to catch Mr. Fox. 4 The Shooting Chapter 3 The day has come. Mr. Fox must get outside and go hunting. Why did he have to bring 2 ducks? What did Boggis, Bunce and Bean smell like? What did Mr. Fox do when he left his hole? How did Mr. Fox discover the gun? Describe what happened next. Why did Bean believe that Mr. Fox will leave his hole in at least three days? What will Boggis, Bunce and Bean do instead of waiting? 5 The Terrible Shovels Chapter 4 How did the family try to cheer up Mr. Fox after he lost his tail? Well, he thought, suppose Im lucky to be alive at all. And now theyve found our hole, were going to have to move out as soon as possible. Well never get any peace ifWhat was that? What interrupted Mr. Foxs thoughts? What worries did Mrs. Fox and the children have? What did the family of Mr. Fox do when he discovered the shovel? 6 The Terrible Tractors Chapter 5 Why cant Bean hear well anymore? Why were Boggis, Bunce and Bean unsuccessful in catching Mr. Fox? What was Beans next plan to get Mr. Fox and his family? What do you think? How will the story continue? Write your own short sequel (Fortsetzung). 7 The Race Chapter 6 Describe what happened between the two pictures. It was such an extraordinary sight that crowds of people came rushing out from the surrounding villages. What was the reaction of the people about the race? The chapter is called The Race. Why? Can you think of an alternative chapter title? Write it down. 8 Well Never Let Him Go Chapter 7 When did Boggis, Bunce and Bean stop the tractors? Why did they stop it? What will Boggis, Bunce and Bean dont do? They swore solemn oath (feierlicher Schwur). What was it? Whats the next move? asked Bunce, the pot-bellied dwarf. What was Beans answer? They send message to their farms asking for? 9 The Foxes Begin to Starve Chapter 8 The three farmers sat outside their tents eating their supper. What did Boggis, Bunce and Bean had for supper? Farmer Supper Boggis Bunce Bean What was the plan through the night? How many men are working for Boggis, Bunce and Bean? Why did they need them? 10 Mr. Fox Has Plan Chapter 9 Mr. Fox and his family were trapped in the hole. Boggis, Bunce and Bean are waiting for them at the entrance to the hole. The three children are starving. There is no way out in sight. Mr. Fox has plan. What do you think will he do? Describe your/his plan. 11 Boggis Chicken House Number One Chapter 10 In which direction did the family continue to dig? Why didnt Mr. Fox tell the Three Small Foxes where they are going? Why didnt they know how long they were digging? Carefully, Mr. Fox began pushing up one of the floorboards. The board creaked most terribly, and they all ducked down, waiting for something awful to happen. Nothing did. So Mr. Fox pushed up second board. And then, very very cautiously, he poked his head up through the gap. He let out shriek of excitement. What did Mr. Fox see? What did they find in the shed? Where were they? What did the Small Foxes do after they entered the shed? Why did Mr. Fox pull the floorboards back into place with great care? 12 Surprise for Mrs. Fox Chapter 11 In which condition (Zustand) was Mrs. Fox when the Small Fox came home? How was Mrs. Fox reaction? What were Mrs. Fox and the Small Fox doing until Mr. Fox and the other two Foxes came back? What were Mr. Fox and the other two Foxes doing during that time? What do you think Mr. Fox next plan will be? 13 Badger Chapter 12 Why did Mr. Fox and his remaining children laugh when they think about the chickens and the feast? Who did they find in the tunnel? Why was he happy to meet Mr. Fox and his children? How did the Badger describe what is happening on the hill? The Badger was talking about we. Who is we? The Badger told Mr. Fox his tragedy. How did Mr. Fox and his children react to it? Since the tragedy was Mr. Fox fault, he wanted to make it right. What did he do? What was the task of the Small Badger? 14 Bunces Giant Storehouse Chapter 13 What did Mr. Fox not want to talk to Badger about? Where were Mr. Fox, his children and Badger digging to? What was the most interesting part of that farm? Why did Mr. Fox always know where he is? What they now saw was kind of Foxs dream, badgers dream, paradise for hungry animals. Describe what they found. Write down what the robbers took with them. Mr. Fox was talking about one last little job. Write down what you think he was talking about. 15 Badger Has Doubts Chapter 14 What was Badger worried about? How did Mr. Fox justify stealing? What did Mr. Fox mean with But were not going to stoop to their level? What was the difference between the farms of Boggis and Bunce and the farm of Bean? How can Mr. Fox solve his problem? 16 Beans Secret Cider Cellar Chapter 15 Who did Mr. Fox discover when he removed brick from the wall? What did Mr. Fox threaten the rat with that made it go away? Mr. Fox and his friends did not find turkeys in the basement. What did they find instead? In which cellar were they? Why is cider especially good for badgers? What was special about this cider? With what did Badger compare the cider? The animals froze. They stayed absolutely still, their ears pricked, their bodies tense. What happened? 17 The Woman Chapter 16 Where did Mr. Fox, Badger and the Smallest Fox hide? Why did Mrs. Bean think that Mr. Bean wont stay longer at the hole than few more hours? Mabel was looking forward to souvenir. Why didnt she get it? What was offered to her instead? How many bottles did Mabel finally take with her? Mabel noticed that there were rats in the cellar. What will she do with the rats? Mabel went back upstairs to Mrs. Bean. Continue the conversation between the two. What do you think will they discuss? 18 The Great Feast Chapter 17 What did they say about the rat? Which tunnels did they pass on their way to Mrs. Fox? large dining-room had been hollowed out of the earth, and in the middle of it, seated around huge table, were no less than twenty-nine animals. They were: With what was the table covered? Mr. Fox was talking to his friends and promised them something. What was his promise? What was Mrs. Fox afterwards dreaming about? 19 Still Waiting Chapter 18 Boggis, Bunce and Bean were still waiting outside the foxs hole. And as far as the storyteller know, they are still waiting. How will the story continue? Write down your own ending. 20 Vocabulary Chapter 1 English Chapter 1-3 creep German rage nasty approach boiled lurking smothered shadows dumplings hiding pot-bellied guts dwarf blighter shallow delicately livers mashed disgusting Chapter 3 tummy-ached goons temper filthy orchard rotten lean reeks crooks cocky crouching twitched Chapter 2 trotting valley rustling plump patch 21 Vocabulary English German Chapter 3-5 gathered pricked tight murky ceiling glint downwards barrel sloped whip steeply tattered gradually blood-stained fainter tossing panting flask swig dig Chapter 5 shovels cross offering porch Chapter 4 clogged tenderly deaf stump itched glum fetch dozed off caterpillar scrape-scraping clanking sobbed murderous 22 Vocabulary English German Chapter 5-8 determined soil toppled matchstick Chapter 7 deafening rage crouched cursing waddling dingbat Chapter 6 swore desperate solemn oath gain midget clanking sickly mighty scarlet prowling gums madness starve maniacs terrific dervish Chapter 8 crater steaming jeered tender furious wafted obstinate snatch 23 Vocabulary English German Chapter 8-10 peep surround wearily armed planks hatchets mistaken stools peek floorboards creaked Chapter 9 ducked sip awful dash cautiously stir shriek spark prancing undefeated scrambled suffering shed handle teeming aiming chasing Chapter 10 drinking-trough courage plumpest marvellous fooling disappointment feast murky jiffy 24 Vocabulary Chapter 11 English Chapter 11-13 weak German tease bursting galore lack assure murmured scrambled spluttered strength plucking Chapter 13 pace crouching Chapter 12 grinned whacking slyly churgle blindfold furry gaped foggiest overwhelmed disappeared piled diggers shelves sneak out rafters tightest grub fault ravenously furiously luscious paw chops 25 Vocabulary English German Chapter 13-16 respectable prowling stoop thread of saliva decent neat tidy morsels Chapter 15 fetch examine step-ladder crumbly magnificent whiskers twerp saucy bunches pitch loot vast heap damp twitching gloomy pushcarts tremendous rushing fiery Chapter 14 Chapter 16 dotty crouched frump peeping swipe rolling-pin 26 Vocabulary English German Chapter 16-18 toast brute belch ruined courtesy stuffed colossal tightly quivering tucked Chapter 18 poison trickling slammed famished nabbed dash burglars Chapter 17 humming impudent ought hollow tucking ravenous succulent 27 Notes Chapter 1-18 28 29