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Test U5 Open World
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English Test Unit 5 Date: Name: Points (Max. 39 p.): Mark: Signature: 1. Weather, numbers and dates 15p. a) Listen to the teacher and write the dates (Nummern nicht ausschreiben/Schreibweise GB) (5p.) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. b) Complete the texts with the numbers in brackets in the correct form, as cardinal or ordinal numbers. Write the numbers as words. (10p.) On the (12) of November 1970, one of the worst cyclones ever recorded hit Bangladesh. The cyclones top wind speeds were measured at (185) km/h. It destroyed everything in its path. massive snow storm hit Canada in 2009. Some areas received as much as (100) centimetres of snow over (3) days. Based on averages over the last (10) years, more than (162) people die in the United States each year because of the heat. In 1995, (700) people died in Chicago during one of the worst heat waves in the citys history. Hurricane Katrina was the (6) strongest hurricane ever recorded. Amazingly, it was only the (3) strongest to hit America. Katrina hit an American coast around New Orleans on the (28) of August 2005. 2. Going to-future 10p. Complete the dialogues with the verbs in brackets in the future tense with „going to. Sometimes you will need to write negative sentences or questions including pronoun (I, you, ). Paul: The weather report last night said it would rain today. So (take) my umbrella with me. Since its only forecast, (not/ wear) my rain boots. Thats too much. Roger: Youre right, an umbrellas enough. (not/ put on) my raincoat either. Kim: (get) shovel out of the garage because it (snow). Peter: Snow! It (not/snow). There arent any clouds in the sky and it isnt cold enough either. Kim: dont care what you say, the weather (change), Im sure. Pat: What (you/do) during the autumn holidays? Lou: As it often rains here in the autumn holidays, we (travel) somewhere warm. This year we (spend) our holidays in Marocco because it only rains there in the winter months. 3. Look at the weather! 8p. Complete each short dialogue with suitable amplifier or downtoner from the box. probably maybe actually bit of course very kind of really 1. Sheila This weather is terrible for May! Mary know! Its been cloudy and grey all day, except for about an hour this afternoon when it was 1 sunny, but not very. hope it gets better soon 2. Mike read that there is 2 going to be storm in the night. Jill Oh, hope so! Its been so hot lately. Do you think itll really happen? 3. Karen This autumn weather is so depressing! Its not warm, its not cold, theres not much sun. Pete You think so? 3 quite like it. The leaves are beautiful at this time of year. 4. Sue Bob Can we go to the outdoor swimming pool today? 4 Lets go as often as we can before the season ends! 5. Angie Ooh, look at the sky! It 5 its going to rain looks like Helen So it does! Better take an umbrella when you go into town. 6. Kelly think we should 6 stay in today. The weather forecast doesnt look too good Phil Oh, stop worrying! It might rain, it might not. Who cares about spot of rain? 7. Jackie Granny said theyve had 7 bad weather recently. There was so much snow, they could hardly even go out! Carl Oh dear, poor Granny and Grandad! hope its better for them now. 8. Lucy Youre wearing sandals today?! Suki, know the sun is out but its also 8 wet. Suki Really? Oh, yes, so it is. hadnt noticed those few drops of rain! 4. Look at the weather! 6p. Combine the weather idiom with the correct English meaning. 1 2 3 4 5 6 its raining cats and dogs to not feeling well come rain or shine period of quiet before lots of action or chaos chance that something good will happen whatever may come to break the ice to be on cloud nine ray of hope as right as rain making small problem larger than it really is Its raining very hard 7 8 9 1 0 1 1 1 2 the calm before the storm to be extremely happy to put on ice to be out of touch with reality to say something to make people feel relaxed to wait and do something at later date to be under the weather storm in teacup to be snowed under to have your head in the clouds to have so much to do that its difficult to do it all to feel fine and healthy