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English test: Unit 5 AB2a A2b Name: Date 22.03.2021 Points: Grade: Good luck! 1. Translate and fill in the gaps. Watch out for singular/plural forms and the correct verb form! (11) Geschenk unterster Teil Jahrhundert ehemalig antreffen weit verbreitet sich befinden (2x) begrenzt untersuchen neigen zu The president of the USA is called Barack Obama. The of guitar is usually round, though electric guitars have small hole for the electric cable to connect it to an electric amplifier. Central Park (two different verbs) right in the middle of Manhattan. The Statue of liberty was from France to New York. Just after the turn of the 20. the first skyscrapers were built in New York. If you have Covid symptoms, you can get by doctor but have to get tested beforehand. If you were wondering where all the citizens of New York eat to avoid the prices which the tourists pay, you can ask local. As soon as you avoid large chain restaurants or dont go anywhere near Times Square, you will most likely many New Yorkers. As the number of restaurants is far from , you have many opportunities and places you can eat are all over the city. Go look for small places instead of places that are aiming for tourists, which means that you shouldnt eat where people go to sightsee. 2. Find the described word. (5) small bag made of leather, plastic, etc. for carrying coins or banknotes: place where bread and cakes are made and sold: An underground railway/train system in an American city: Travelling to your workplace and back home every day: The most important city in country: 3. Complete the table. Leave the grey space empty. (5) noun verb adjective poor fly immigrate distribution nation 2. Grammar a) Put the verbs in brackets in the right verb form for possible future situation! (10) b) Translate and choose the right verb forms for unreal situations. (Für Sek ist das eine Bonusaufgabe.) (4) Wenn ich im Lotto gewänne, würde ich ein Jahr lang in einem teuren Hotel leben. Wenn ich nach New York zöge, würde ich jeden Tag shoppen gehen. c) Match the sentence beginnings with their correct endings. (Für Sek ist das eine Bonusaufgabe) (3) e) Write suitable prepositions in the gaps. (4) Reading Points: 15 Grade: