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Young world 3 Unit 2 Vergleichsformen - adjectives with two or more syllables - adjectives with one short vowel and consonant - adjectives that end in y - adjectives with one syllable
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Lernkontrolle: Comparisons 1. Complete the chart. positive comparative superlative beautiful the prettiest hot faster 4P. 2. Complete the sentences with comparative. a. My sister is (strong)than me. b. Eating fruit and vegetables is (healthy)than eating hot dogs. c. like milk (good)than coffee. d. Hermione is (smart) than Ron. e. Which country is (big), Portugal or Spain? f. Travelling by plane is (comfortable)than travelling by car. g. Buying things from plastic is (bad)than buying things from recycled paper. h. China has (many*)people than any other country in the world. 8P. 3. Complete the sentences with superlative. a. The Nile is (long) river in the world. b. In Marks opinion History is (difficult) subject at school. c. Our house is (far) away from school. d. Greece is (hot) place Ive ever been to. e. Elvis Presley is one of (popular) rock singers ever. f. Jenny is (young) in the family. g. Switzerland is one of (rich) countries in the world. h. People in Africa are (poor) in the world. 8P. 4. Complete the sentences with comparative or superlative. a. Life in village is (cheap) than life in city. b. Chinese is (difficult) language in the world. c. Mozart is (famous) than Beethoven. d. motorbike is (fast) than bike. e. What is (expensive) car in the world? f. March is (cold) January.* 6P. 5. Odd one out: One word doesnt fit. big fit hot pretty sunny happy money busy arrogant strong adventurous impatient good far bad old 4P. 6. Sort the adjectives. Write two adjectives in each category. adjectives with two ore more syllables adjectives with one short vowel and consonant adjectives with one syllable adjectives with two syllables that end in « » 8P. 7. Which group is missing Write two examples. Adjectives 2P. So ist mir die Lernkontrolle gegangen: