Arbeitsblatt: Open World Unit 2 - Writing a documentary about an animal


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Writing documentary about an animal The text below is part of nature documentary about elephants. Listen to the documentary and read along. It is Wednesday 6th February 2018, 10.30 am and Im sitting here in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. The sun is shining brightly and Im watching herd of elephants. Two elephants are greeting each other with their trunks. The biggest elephant of the herd is shaking its head and lifting its trunk. The mother elephant is touching the baby behind her with her tail. She is making sure her baby is still there. The baby elephant is flapping its ears. It is feeling excited. Another small elephant is looking for attention. It is rubbing its ears against its friend in play. Now it is lying down and inviting the other elephant to climb on top. male and female elephant are placing their trunks in each others mouths. It is their way of showing that they love each other. Oh look! Suddenly all the elephants are standing still. They are listening for sounds in the air. Maybe they are hearing pack of lions. That means the mothers have to protect their baby elephants. Now you are going to write your own documentary about an animal. Pick an animal that interests you. Make your text similar to the text above. Use the writing guide on the next page for help. You dont have to know lot about the animal. All the things youre going to say about the animal you can make up by yourself. You can lie. Writing guide Think and plan 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Which animal do you choose? Where are you and what time is it? What is the animal doing? Why is the animal doing this? What special thing is happening? Make mindmap for your animal by answering the questions above: Write Paragraph 1: Where you are, what time it is, who you are watching Paragraph 2: What the animals are doing, why they are doing it Paragraph 3: Something special that is happening and what it means Objectives can write short text. can give information about an animal and what it is doing. can follow this structure to write text.