Arbeitsblatt: introduction dialogue


Eine kurze Einführung in englisch über die Dringlichkeit den Dialog zu nutzen
Kommunikation / Medien
12. Schuljahr
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cornelia principi
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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Introduction to my kind of dialogue will accompany this seminar; even tough my language is not English. Yours either. This is good requirement, because we are new then. When we dont know, what is next, we are fresh and new in our brains. We are curios what is going to happen in the next moment. First, we let fall all our concepts and beliefs and so we arrive in our adventure to learn in dialogue together. met dialogue in my early years, when first heard about Krishnamurti. While reading all his speeches met the talks between him and David bohm, physician, student of albert Einstein. First, thought, this could be the solution of all our problems. This is the way; human beings must learn to talk together or maybe relearn it again. Because it is the oldest way, we are used to communicate with each other. In older days we sat together in circle and we listened to one another. Nowadays in the time of globalisation, in which we have open access to all information, that circulate all over the world, it seems that the most essential thing got lost, deep conversation at eye level. Krishnamurti and David bohm realised this lost before the internet was even inventioned. In all our relationships, at work, in school, in our families, in monastery or with friends, we stand before the same question, how do we get along together, how we can understand each other? How do we talk to one another? Thats why got into this. wanted to create conditions under which people of all skin colours, religions, genders and age groups are in trustworthy environment to open themselves. was intrigued by David Bohm work because it made me design processes so that our communication could be essential. If we can be open about what really moves us, we will be able to acknowledge that we are part of something greater. In dialog work with groups, experience magic every time that you cannot name, that you can only feel for yourself. When people come together in circle, they develop common energy. While focusing on this energy, we begin to encounter each other on new level. this gives us clarity to observe our own thinking, to perceive our own feelings and to recognize our body language this gives us clarity to observe our own thinking, to perceive our own feelings and to recognize our body language. so we can look deeper and deeper into ourselves and get to know each other on different levels. Through this process into the deep, our valuations, assumptions, concepts can reach our consciousness, which always guide and influence our thinking and acting. thus, we can explore the experiences and life stories of the participants in circle. This creates deep understanding with each other and opens up way to recognize the points of view and attitudes of others. This creates deep understanding with each other and opens up way to recognize the points of view and attitudes of others Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is field. Ill meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about. Rumi This introduction course is open to people who want to get to know the way of dialogue circle and use the method in their professional or private life. Participants will experience different forms of circles, we will address how to introduce and embed circles as well as the integration and transfer into professional and personal life at home. Dialogue circle offers replicable, self-perpetuating, and portable platform that promotes communication, enhances wellbeing, builds community and fosters compassion. When practiced with regularity, Council can diffuse tension, increase resilience, and create deeper sense of community and connection. There is an immense need, now more than ever, to slow down and listen, to recognize and bear witness to our shared humanity, to seek cooperative solutions to our collective challenges. Council fosters recognition of our shared humanity and interconnectedness, while enabling individuals to give voice to their stories, develop mutual respect and compassion for others, cultivate positive response to stress, anger and hostility and achieve sense of balance.