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Voci und Grammatik
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NW3 Unit 1 Test E_Zug Luck Name: Good points: grade: A)Vocabulary Write the correct English word into the gap. (15) Land(schaft) Insel Hauptstadt Wurst Schloss Schlösser Frühstück (sie) trägt Muster fülle aus Gebäude Vorname Kunde Gärtner Schafe Reiseführer 1) We dont live in the city, we live in the . 2) Korsika is beautiful. 3) What is the of Great Britain? -- It London. 4) What does your father work? -- He is. 5) There is very nice on your pullover! 6) My sister jeans all the time. 7) Cervelat is traditional Swiss . 8) This was built in the 17th century. 9) Receptionist: Please this form! 10) Receptionist: Would you like cooked or continental ? 11) There are lot of in Scotland. 12) Hello, my name is Susan Smith. Susan is my . 13) read in my that this is traditional restaurant. 14) If you buy things at the MIGROS, you are of this shop. 15) The Bundeshaus is famous in Bern. B)Grammar: present simple Complete these questions (11.5) your surname? old you? your birthday? your nationality? languages ? you live? you live with? were you born? favourite colour? pupils there in your class? Put the words in the correct order and make correct sentence in present simple (7) for what homework the today to be match time the what start in holiday your what do you It wednesday today to be English you speak teacher your homework checkthe Where father your work Complete the sentences with to be in the present simple (5.5) Steve ill. He in bed. hungry, but thirsty. Jessica young girl. She 10. These chairs beautiful, but they comfortable. You late. No, Here your coat. Oh, thank you very much. Complete the gaps with the verb in brackets (4) Jil two children. (to have) The pupils songs in the classroom. (to sing) Andys brother in office. (not, to work) He often to the cinema. (to go) The boys computer games. (not, to play) She to Menorca every summer. We in Italy. (not, to be) They school uniform (not, to wear)