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Test – Romeo Juliet Lernatelier ROMEO and JULIET name: ./25 p. 1. Write short summary (Zusammenfassung) of the book (5 sentences) 5 p. 2.True or false. Make cross (x) if the sentence is correct! 3.5 p. Romeo doesnt fall in love easily. Mercutio dies because he provoked fight with Tybalt. Romeo kills Tybalt because he wants to take revenge for Mercutio. Juliet is dead, thats the reason Romeo kills himself. The apothecary will not sell poison to Romeo. The prince says that Friar Laurence must die. Balthasar tells Romeo that Juliet is dead. 3. Answer the questions. Schreibe ganze Sätze (in English). 7 p. a. Who is angry when Juliet says she will not marry Lord Paris? Why? b. Why is Friar Laurence surprised to hear that Romeo is in love with Juliet? c. Where does the story take place? Cities? Country? d. Why dont the Capulets kill Romeo when they discover him at their party? e. Why does Romeo sneak into the ball? f. Could this story happen today? Why Why not? g. What happens at the end of the story? 4. Did you like or not like the book? Give 2 arguments. 2 p. 5. Some questions about the movie 7 p. What was the first scene in the movie? What is Romeos hobby? How does Romeo find out about the party? What is the color of Juliets maks? What does Juliet give to Romeo at the end of the dance? How are Juliet and Thybault related? (verwandt) What is Romeos nickname for Juliet on the balcony?