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Short dialogues in few situations
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Easy dialogues: At school A: Hi, how are you doing? B: Im fine. How about yourself? A: Im pretty good. Thanks for asking. B: No problem. So how have you been? A: Ive been great. What about you? B: Ive been good. Im in school right now. A: What school do you go to? B: go to the primary school St. Silvester. A: Do you like it there? B: It cool. It small school. A: Good luck with school. B: Thank you very much. About weather A: It an ugly day today. B: know. think it may rain. A: It the middle of summer, it shouldnt rain today. B: That would be weird. A: Yeah, especially since it ninety degrees outside. B: know, it would be horrible if it rained and it was hot outside. A: Yes, it would be. B: really wish it wasnt so hot every day. A: Me too. cant wait until winter. B: like winter too, but sometimes it gets too cold. A: Id rather be cold than hot. B: Me too. Friends phone call 1 A: Hello, may speak to Alice please? B: Thats me. How is it going? A: Ive been trying to call you all day. B: Sorry about that. was cleaning up. A: It okay. B: So what were you calling me about? A: Oh, just wanted to see if you wanted to hang out tomorrow. B: Sure, what did you want to do? A: Maybe we can go see movie or something. B: That sounds like fun. Let do it. A: Ill see you tomorrow then. B: See you then. Goodbye. Friends phone call 2 A: Hi, how are you. Is Alice there? B: Speaking. What up? A: Why havent you answered the phone? B: My bad, had chores to do. A: That all right. B: What was the reason for your call? A: want to do something tomorrow with you. B: Sounds good. What did you have in mind? A: was thinking about seeing movie. B: Okay, let go see movie. A: Until then. B: Talk to you later. Favorite movie A: What your favorite movie? B: My favorite movie is Superbad. A: Oh, why is that? B: It the funniest movie that Ive ever seen. A: That true. It is very funny movie. B: Youve seen it before? A: Yes, saw that movie the first day it came out in theaters. B: Didnt you laugh through the whole movie? did. A: Me too. That movie brought tears to my eyes. B: Mine too. A: have it on DVD at my house if you want to come over and watch it. B: Sure, let go. Favorite movie 2 A: Which movie is your favorite to watch? B: have to say, my favorite movie is Superbad. A: Is that right? Why? B: Honestly, it is one of the funniest movies Ive seen in long time. A: Youre right. That movie is hilarious. B: didnt think you saw that movie. A: went to see it the day it came out. B: was laughing through the whole movie. A: couldnt help laughing, either. B: Same here. A: bought the movie. Would you like to come to my house and watch it? B: Of course. Invitation to movie A: What are you doing this weekend B: Im going to the movies with friend. How about you? A: Im not sure yet. B: Well, did you want to go see movie with me? A: What movie are you going to see? B: Im not sure yet. Is there something you want to see? A: There nothing can think of. B: So, did you want to go? A: No, thanks, maybe another time. B: Okay, sounds good. Invitation to movie 2 A: Do you know what youre going to do this weekend B: am going to see movie with friend of mine. What about you? A: dont know. B: Would you like to see movie with me and my friend? A: Do you know what movie youre going to watch? B: dont know, but was there certain movie you wanted to see? A: None that can think of. B: Well, would you like to go? A: Thank you for inviting me, but think Ill pass. B: All right. Another time then. Sports 1 A: Did you go to the basketball game on Friday? B: No, couldnt make it. A: You missed really good game. B: Oh, really? Who won? A: Our school did. They played really well. B: Too bad was busy. really wanted to go. A: Yeah, you should have. It was really exciting. B: So what was the score? A: The score was 101-98. B: Man, that was really close game. A: That what made it so great. B: Ill make sure and make it to the next one. Sports 2 A: was meaning to ask you if you saw the basketball game on Friday. B: wanted to go, but couldnt. A: It was great game. B: It too bad that couldnt make it. Who won? A: Our team played hard and won. B: really wish went to the game. A: It was the best game ever. B: So tell me the final score. A: The other team lost by three points, 10198. B: It mustve been close game. A: It really was. You shouldve gone. B: Hopefully, Ill make it to the next one. About fruits A: What are you going to eat with your sandwich? B: think Im going to eat piece of fruit. A: What kind do you like? B: really like apples and grapes. A: What kind of apples do you like to eat? B: love green apples. A: dont like green apples. B: Really? Why not? A: Green apples are too sour for me. B: So, you like red apples better? A: Yes, love red apples. B: think green apples are lot better. About fruits 2 A: Are you going to eat anything with your sandwich? B: may get some fruit. A: Really, what kind of fruit do you like? B: tend to only eat grapes and apples. A: What kind of apples do you prefer? B: Ive always liked green apples. A: dont really like green apples that much. B: Why do you say that? A: think they are too sour. B: Youd rather eat red apple? A: Dont you like red apples? B: Theyre okay, guess. About drinks 1 A: Im so thirsty. B: Let go get something to drink. A: That good idea. B: Do you know what you want to drink? A: kind of want soda. B: You shouldnt drink soda when youre really thirsty. A: What do you mean? B: When youre thirsty, youre not supposed to drink soda. A: What are you supposed to drink? B: Water is what best for you. A: guess will get water. B: It better for you. About drinks 2 A: My throat is really dry. B: Do you want to go get something to drink? A: Yes, Im parched. B: What did you want to drink? A: was thinking about getting soda. B: Do you know that soda doesnt quench your thirst? A: Why not? B: Soda is really bad for you. A: dont know what else to drink. B: Youre supposed to drink water when youre dehydrated. A: would like some water. B: That what will keep you from being thirsty. About salad 1 A: really feel like eating salad. B: What kind are you going to make? A: Im really not sure. B: really like Caesar salads. A: Caesar salads are pretty good. B: What kind of salad do you want to make? A: want salad with some chicken. B: love chicken salads. A: like my salads to have croutons, almonds, and shredded cheese. B: That sounds really tasty. A: You should make salad like that. B: think that will. About salads 2 A: really want to make salad. B: Do you know what kind of salad that you want? A: Im not sure what kind that want. B: usually make Caesar salad. A: Those taste really good. B: Which kind of salad are you going to make? A: want chicken salad. B: enjoy chicken salads. A: like salads with croutons, almonds, and shredded cheese. B: really like how that sounds. A: Why dont you make salad like that? B: Im going to do that then. About snacks A: Im hungry. B: You already ate. A: It wasnt enough, because Im hungry again. B: There nothing left from dinner. A: Im going to get snack. B: What kind of snack are you going to make? A: dont know. B: You can always make sandwich. A: dont know what kind of sandwich want. B: Just make yourself peanut butter and jelly sandwich. A: may just do that. B: Go right ahead. About meat A: Could get some beef? B: What kind of beef would you like to get? A: Ground beef would be fine. B: How many pounds would you like? A: Four pounds is enough. B: What kind of ground beef do you want? A: Im going to need extra lean ground beef. B: can get that for you. A: Thanks so much. B: Youre welcome. A: Let me go wrap the ground beef up for you. B: Thanks for everything. Breakfast 1 A: What do you feel like eating this morning? B: usually just have bowl of cereal. A: The most important meal of the day is breakfast. B: Yeah, but dont usually have time to eat big breakfast. A: You can always make an easy breakfast. B: What do you make? A: All make is oatmeal, toast, and some orange juice. B: That sounds pretty good. A: like it, and it fast meal. B: That is very quick meal to make. A: can make it for you if you like. B: Oatmeal and toast sounds good to me. Breakfast 2 A: What do you want to eat for breakfast? B: All usually have is some cereal for breakfast. A: You know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? B: sometimes run late in the morning, and cant make breakfast. A: That not good excuse. B: Tell me what you eat in the morning. A: just eat some oatmeal, toast, and orange juice. B: That sounds like great breakfast. A: It good, and it easy to make. B: That sounds like very quick meal. A: So, are you still going to have cereal? B: think Im going to make myself some oatmeal and toast. Lunch 1 A: What for lunch? B: dont know. What do you want to eat? A: was thinking of pizza. B: That what ate yesterday. A: What do you want to eat? B: wouldnt mind burger. A: ate burger just the other day. B: Were going to have to compromise. A: You could always get burger, and can get pizza. B: Sounds good to me. A: Where can we go to get both? B: We can get both at Papa Joes. Lunch 2 A: Do you know what you want to eat for lunch? B: What do you feel like having? A: want to get some pizza. B: had pizza for lunch yesterday. A: Tell me what you want to eat. B: Do you want to get burger? A: See, had burger for lunch yesterday. B: Think of something. A: How about get pizza and you get burger? B: Let do that then. A: Where do they sell both at? B: They sell pizza and burgers at the cafeteria. Dinner 1 A: What for dinner tonight? B: What are you planning on cooking? A: Im not making anything. B: If you plan on eating, you are. A: What am supposed to cook? B: What do you feel like having? A: want some chicken and potatoes. B: That sounds really good. A: When are you going to make it? B: have no plans on cooking tonight. A: Fine, Ill make it. B: knew that already. Dinner 2 A: Are we going to have dinner tonight? B: What are you planning on making? A: Im not cooking dinner. B: The only way youre eating tonight is if you cook. A: Im not sure what to cook for dinner. B: dont know. What do you want to eat? A: have taste for some chicken and potatoes. B: That sounds delicious. A: So are you planning on cooking it? B: already told you that Im not cooking tonight. A: Ill cook dinner. B: already know. Start cooking.