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Iris Claude

Land: Schweiz
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Beyond unit 1 EXAM: Beyond unit 1 name: Classe 1 Eg_ points mark 1. This that, these those (3,5) Choose the correct word to complete the mini conversations. 2. Rearrange the words to make sentences. (7) Beyond unit 1 3. Complete the sentences with the words in the box (5) 4. Complete the sentences with the or – or a, an (7) a) like video games. My favourite game is Tetris. b) dont likespiders. But likecats. c) get bus every morning to school. And you d) wantshorts over there. How much are they e) dont wantparty to end. It is so much fun. f) Ive got Xbox andPlayStation. g) play for theschool basketball team. Do you play for team h) Washington is very big city. i) llovedinosaurs and Ive got big poster of T-rex. 5. Complete the grammar table with the plural forms (6) Noun Plural Beyond unit 1 bus class lunch man children box city toy woman sunglasses clothes Classmate 6. Choose 8 adjectives from the list. Complete the box and translate the adjectives. (4) clean – dangerous – difficult – empty – ugly – dry – safe – young – cheap – fast – strong – soft – heavy – poor – dirty – hard – skinny – pretty – full – fat – wet adjective english dangerous 7. a) Look at the two pictures. adjective german gefährlich b) Describe the two pictures. (What colour are they Are they old/new/big/small. ?) c) Write 5 sentences for each picture. Mind. einen Satz muss in der Mehrzahl stehen. d) Use adjectives correctly. (mind. 4 pro Bild) (5) picture 1 Beyond unit 1 picture 2 Good luck