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Julia Frei
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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ENGLISH TEST Reading – Nachholprüfung Name: S3a b 05.06. 2024 That how feel now after the test.: Punkte:/24 Note: Remember that spelling and punctuation count. is always capitalised. Sentence beginnings are capitalised. People names, titles, places, countries, nationalities, and languages, institutions (companies, brands, agencies, etc.), historical eras, days, months, and holidays begin with capital letter. Other nouns are written in lower case. Sekundarschule Brugg S3a b 05.06. 2023 Finding calm in cities A. Trinka While studying here, stayed in an apartment in Saint Catherines Square. In medieval times, this would have been bustling area used for markets and public gatherings, but now its little haven of calm, away from traffic and commerce. There are places like this dotted around the city, most of which have benches where you can rest your feet. Theres no greenery in them, though. It would have been nice to get some shade from tree or enjoy its blossom. The city as whole lacks green spaces or paths beside the river where you can enjoy nature. Even so, under the canopy of sidewalk café, with your back against café window, you can detach yourself from the fast pace of city life and while away the hours even on the citys busiest streets. B. Kampela As city, Kampela is entirely utilitarian. The purpose of its streets is simply to shift people and goods from one place to another. Consequently, they are devoid of any aesthetic attributes, like statues or old decorative features. Since theres nothing of appeal to make you want to linger, everyone just puts their head down and gets where they want to be as quickly as possible. As result, it doesnt give the impression of relaxing city. That said, once you get where you want to be, you will often find yourself somewhere peaceful and serene. For there is no shortage of quiet tea shops and bars designed with soft lighting and comfortable furniture to calm your nerves. Many of these have outdoor spaces at the back, which are quiet and welltended despite being overlooked by other buildings. C. Pokamarka Urban planners in Pokamarka seem to have not considered that people might enjoy eating or drinking outside since wide pavements or pedestrianized zones which might house bench or café dont exist here. If you want to keep moving, though, you can get some quiet time in plenty of places. The routes along the canal are perfect for stretching the legs. Moreover, the citys park is barely used, though its not terribly well maintained. Its hard to find somewhere to sit which looks both clean and able to support someones weight. Theres rather lot of graffiti and vandalism, which has probably discouraged the local council from planting trees and flowers. The few that exist look rather unkempt. D. Melwick From an aerial photograph, you would think that Melwick would have plenty of peaceful outdoor spaces. After all, its harbour location offers lots of paved walkways and open plazas, and Great Park is well-known for its stunning trees and botanical gardens, which are just as spectacular in real life as in pictures. The problem is that these spaces are always heaving with tourists trying to take selfies against the statues and memorials, so trying to relax there will make you stressed and irritated. Your best option is to get on ferry or cable car at quiet time of day. Then, you can watch the city drift past in peace. However, time it wrong and youll be queuing next to load of noisy school kids. Even the cafes dont give you any kind of refuge, as the servers want you in and out as quickly as possible. Sekundarschule Brugg S3a b 05.06. 2023 Take the reading test. Which city is being described? Choose 1 correct answer. (15 P.) 1. The city has no attractive outdoor features. (1.5P.) Trinka Kampela Pokamarka Melwick 2. You are unlikely to find peace eating or drinking indoors here. (1.5P.) Trinka Kampela Pokamarka Melwick 3. The city has many popular historical monuments. (1.5P.) Trinka Kampela Pokamarka Melwick 4. You can have peaceful walk beside the water here. (1.5P.) Trinka Kampela Pokamarka Melwick 5. The most peaceful areas are inside or behind buildings. (1.5P.) Trinka Kampela Pokamarka Melwick 6. Areas that used to be busy are now peaceful. (1.5P.) Trinka Kampela Pokamarka Melwick 7. Sitting outdoors in this city is pleasant and relaxing. (1.5P.) Trinka Kampela Pokamarka Melwick 8. You may find peace when taking some forms of transport. (1.5P.) Trinka Kampela Pokamarka Melwick Sekundarschule Brugg S3a b 05.06. 2023 9. You wont find many people in this citys park. (1.5P.) Trinka Kampela Pokamarka Melwick 10. The public park has attractive, well-kept plants. (1.5P.) Trinka Kampela Pokamarka Melwick Answer the following questions in 1 sentence. (9P.) 1. In what ways does Saint Catherine Square contrast with its historical use during medieval times? (3P.) 2. How does Melwick harbor location influence the availability of peaceful outdoor spaces? (3P.) 3. Describe the atmosphere of Kampela streets according to the passage. How does it differ from other cities mentioned? (3P.)