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Englischtest YW4 Unit 3
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Englishtest – Young World 4, Unit 3 – Yesterday and today Name: Datum: 05.04.2024 Anzahl erreichte Punkte: Reading: 1. Read the sentences below carefully. 2. Have closer look at the brackets ( Klammern). There is always word, which is matching. 3. Fill in the gaps with the correct verb. (Abschreibefehler geben Abzug) The great fire of London Samuel Pepys (visited saw lived) in London from 1633 – 1703. He was (famous unknown) politician and man who (enjoyed worked) life in the city. But on the 2nd of September 1666 something (good terrible nice) happened. fire broke out burned for five days. The flames (spread walked) from house to house, up and down the (street town river) Thames ( ein englischer Fluss) until 80% of the city was /4 (repaired destroyed). Samuel Pepys (draws shows coloured) the day in his diary. 1 Writing: 1. Fill in the missing words. Deutsch Present Past simple (Präteritum) work lived helfen hope have travelled send beginnen /5 be gehen 2. Read the sentences below. 3. Have look at the words in the box below. 4. Fill in the missing words. Take the verbs from the box. Use the past tense. (Abschreibefehler geben Abzug!) Mrs. Coutts the story of the sinking of the Titanic to reporter. The landing on the moon in 1969. 2 Millions of people all over the world the landing on television. Fanny Kemble the train ride enormously. hard to finish the puzzle, but it was too difficult. Peter his clothes because they were dirty. The little girl because she hurt her knee. My grandmother my grandfather very much. Miss Miller red socks for her son. When the Titanic many of the passengers /5 drowned in the icy sea. be/ is love sink knit watch tell change enjoy cry try Vocabulary: 1. Übersetzte wie gewünscht. Deutsch Englisch entdecken date Gestern und heute /4 3 journey Listening: 1. Read the sentences below. 2. Listen carefully to the texts about life in the past. You are going to hear the textes two times. 3. Write the letter (A-D) to the matching sentence. (Ein Buchstabe kann für mehrere Sàtze gebraucht werden) A) The great fire of London (1666) Discovery of New Zealand (1769) B) C) journey from Liverpool to Manchester (1830) D) The Titanic, 1912) Some poor people stayed in their houses. When we neared Manchester, the sky grew cloudy and dark. Everybody came up on deck and wanted to see the land. He took us to the side of the ship. went up the mast myself and saw large mass of land. talked to one of the soldiers at the Tower. Take my lifejacket, madam he said. We travelled at 35 miles an hour. was in the first boat that was picked up by the Carpathia. 4 was separated from my mother when the train left. small boy, who was at the top of the mast, called out Land! It was quite far away, so went back to bed. /6 5