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Test: Unit 19 GOOD LUCK!!! name: date: 1. Vocabulary Find the right translation for the following words (English-German or German-English). 1. sunny 2. Insel 3. Es regnet in Strömen 4. square metre 5. Biologie 6. Zeugnis 7. art 8. besser als 9. Berg 10. Kanton /10 2. Grammar Read the text carefully. Then, finish the sentences. Look at the girls in the picture. They are Wendy and Susan from Sheffield. Wendy and Susan are twins but they look bit different. Wendys hair is longer than Susans hair. Susan is smaller than Wendy. Her nose is bit shorter. Wendy is taller than Susan. Wendys eyes are bigger than Susans eyes. Susans feet are bigger than Wendys feet. Finish the sentences: Susans hair is Wendys hair. Wendys nose is Susan is Susans eyes are Wendys feet are /10 Fill in the right forms (comparatives and superlatives). tall youngest nicer big happy heavier good bad high /18 3. Listening You will hear Claire talking to friend on the phone. Shes got some information for one of their geography quizzes. Answer the following questions 1. Which of these islands is the largest? Great Britain Madagascar Cuba 2. Which of these seas is the biggest? Black Sea Red Sea Mediterranean 3. Which of these continents is the largest? North America Africa South America 4. Which of these mountains is the highest? Mount Kenya Weisshorn Mont Blanc 5. Which of these rivers is the longest? Yangtze Kiang Volga Amazon /5 4. Quiz The odd one out! (Streiche das Wort, das nicht in die Gruppe passt, durch.) 1. red yellow light brown 2. week day month forthnight 3. fahter uncle brother mother 4. book newspaper television letter 5. monkey frog giraffe dog 6. cheerful sad happy lucky 7. car bycicle lorry tractor /7 5. Writing Write to Claire. Tell her about your subjects at school, and answer her questions about Switzerland. Write on separate answer sheet! QUIZ ABOUT SWITZERLAND ***************************** 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Which is the highest mountain? Which is the smallest canton? Which is the longest river? Which is the largest town? Which is the oldest university? Which is the biggest lake? Which is the highest station? Which is the sunniest canton? Which is the highest pass? Which is the biggest canton? Brief 1 Fragen: total: Note Inhalt: 2x, Form: 1x, Sprache: 1x 1 /5 /55 Endnote: