Arbeitsblatt: Revision Test A, Units 8-14, NSE1


Revision Test Units 8-14, NSE1, Version A
8. Schuljahr
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Ivan Bötschi
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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English Revsion Test Unit 8-14 Date: 14.11.05 Version Name: Points: Unterschrift: Mark: 60 1. Complete the sentences in the boxes. Positive Sentences about me 1. watch TV in the evening. Sentences about Anna (all positive sentences) 1. She 2. Id like to drink tea. 2. She 3. 3. Shes got bicycle. 4. 4. She 5. 5. She Sentences about John (all negative sentences) 1. He Questions about Anna and John 1. 2. He 2. 3. He 3. 4. He cant speak Spanish. 4. 5. He 5. Are they at home? 15 2. Underline (unterstreiche) the correct version 1. 14 fourteen forteen foorteen 2. 80 eighty eighty aighty 3. 13 thirteen therteen thireteen 4. 1. oneth 1st once 5. 22 twentytwo twenty two twenty-two 6. 15 fiveteen fifteen fifeteen /6 3. Adverb or adjective? Complete the sentences. 1. (bad) He drives He 2. (good) She singer. She sings 3. (careful) They are cooks. They cook 4. (slow) We walk We are 5. (clear) You are speaker, you speak very 6. (quick) She a typist. She types 20061002-175753Revision Test A, Unit 8-14.doc IB driver. . walkers. 12 4. Fill in the information here. You can only write numbers – NO WORDS. e.g. Johns interview is at 11.15 on 12.4. 1. The concert starts at on . 3. Tanyas interview is at on . 4. The first lesson is at on . /6 5. Correct the mistakes. Dear friends, Im here in Italian with my sister. Were in old but very goodly hotel here, and our room have got view of the sea. likes the people here and the wetter is beautiful, and the place isnt to crowded. think this is his favourite place. Do you like the picture on the postcard? Love, Belinda /8 6. Write question beginning with: 1. How many 2. Where 3. Do 4. Would 5. When /5 7. Dictation (4 sentences) /8 20061002-175753Revision Test A, Unit 8-14.doc IB Dictation Tanya and Fred go on holiday every year. This year theyre in Tunis and they like the hotel there very much. They dont like the disco because its very crowded and too smoky. There are some tennis courts at the hotel, too. Shes quick learner, and her tennis is very good now. Fred doesnt play tennis with Tanya – he isnt „morning person. He gets up and eats his breakfast very slowly. 20061002-175753Revision Test A, Unit 8-14.doc IB