Arbeitsblatt: Revision Test A, Units 15-20, NSE 1


Revision Test, Unit 15-20, NSE 1, Version A
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English Revision Test Units 15-20, Version Points: 44 22.5.06 Mark: Name: Unterschrift: 1. Erkläre den Unterschied (auf Deutsch) zwischen: drink wine and Im drinking wine? drink wine Im drinking wine /2 2. Present simple or present continuous: which is correct? Circle the correct version. Paul is working works in the garden now. The children usually are going go to school by bus. Its lovely day today – the sun is shining shines. The sun is shining shines every day in summer in Spain /4 3. Write these sentences again and replace the underlined words with the pronouns. Do you know him? e.g. Do you know Georg? want to phone Georg and Susan today. Please give Mary this book. Would you like to have lunch with Tom and me on Sunday? Ask Mr Peterson. /4 4. What are the people doing in these pictures? e.g. They are singing. /5 5. Form questions with the present continuous Bert speak on his radio? Colin and Donna have lunch? Joe Jones rob bank? Teds sons play football? /4 20061002-180212Revision Test A, Units 15-20.doc IB 6. Write sentences about these people. usuallyo today now at the momento 1. Susan drink tea 2. Fred walk to the office 3. Mr and Mrs Smith visit their daughter drink coffee. go by bus. stay at home 1. Susan usually drinks tea, but she is drinking coffee at the moment. 2. 3. /4 7. Complete Is the Dufourspitze (high) mountain in Switzerland? Which is (small) canton in Switzerland? Which is (sunny) canton in Switzerland? Is Geneva (large) Zurich? /4 8. Compare the 4 pupils. How tall? How heavy? Tall: Claire 1.62 52.5 kilos Paul 1.64 56 kilos Elizabeth 1.56 55 kilos Jim 1.61 57 kilos Elizabeth is girl. But Claire is Elizabeth. Even (sogar) Jim isnt Claire. But Paul is of all of them. Heavy: Elizabeth is Claire. But Elizabeth isnt Paul. Jim is of all of them. /7 9. Form the comparative and the superlative Gut, besser, Dick, , . Aufregend, ., Billig, , /6 10. Vocabulary Translate: Write down 4 other school subjects: kaufen: bezahlen: wo?: reisen: /4 20061002-180212Revision Test A, Units 15-20.doc IB