Arbeitsblatt: past simple questions to be


Die Schüler repetieren die Fragewörter und bilden Fragen in der Vergangenheit.
8. Schuljahr
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Jean-Claude Gehrig

Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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An interview with Ronnie Ask Ronnie about his grandfather. Use the past simple. When was your grandfather born? He was born in 1936. How old his mother? His mother was 32 years old. How old his father? He was 41. they from the same village? No, they lived 20km from each other. the parents rich? No, they were poor. he the only child? No, there was also sister: „Mary. he good at school? Yes, he was very good at school. What his favourite music? He loved Marschmusik. Who his favourite actor? John Wayne. What your grandfathers job? He was an engineer. What his first salary? Fifty swiss francs every week. What his wifes name? Her name was Petra. Where she from? She was from Austria. there any kids? Yes, son and two daughters. Ask Ronnie about his father. Use the past simple. When was your father born? He was born in 1966. His father was 30 years old. She was 27. No, they lived 35km from each other. No, they were poor. No, there was also brother: „Ken. No, he wasnt very good at school. He listened to the beatles. John Travolta. He was mechanic. 1100 swiss francs every month. Her name was Clara. She was from Glarus. Yes, two sons.