Arbeitsblatt: past simple tense - regular verbs


Die Schüler üben den Gebrauch der regelmässigen Verbformen (+ to be) in der past simple tense
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Jean-Claude Gehrig

Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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Past simple tense – regular verbs to start to work to finish to watch to touch to fish to help to add to listen to climb to live to learn to play to study to stay y! Write the past simple – form of the verbs Today: My sister is nice. She plays tennis and watches TV, she smiles lot. She grabs something for me. She carries bag for me. She loves me. Were happy that shes here. last week: My sister nice. She tennis and TV, she lot. She something for me. She bag for me. She me. We happy that she there. Write this text in the past simple tense am nice to my brother. help him with his homework. practise the guitar with him, play the flute. dance with him, kiss him goodnight. He waits for me after school and he surprises me with gift (Geschenk). adore (verehre) him, because hes nice.