Arbeitsblatt: Adverb/ Adjektive


Übung zur Unterscheidung zwischen Adjektiven und Adverben
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Textauszüge aus dem Inhalt:

Adverbs Adjectives 1. Jack spoke (confident/confidently) to the audience urging them to elect him president of the union. He knew he had (good/well) chance of winning the election. 2. Melanie (quick/quickly) (important/importantly) ate her lunch. She knew the meeting was and she didnt want to be late. 3. Sophie lived in Thailand for several years. She speaks Thai (fluent/fluently) she knows the culture very (good/well) 4. The (hot/hotly) Miriam seemed more and humid weather made it difficult to enjoy the tropical beach. (uncomfortable/uncomfortably) than relaxed. 5. The entrance examination is (extreme/extremely) people make it into the the (prestigious/prestigiously) challenging. Very few medical school. 6. This airline (complete/completely) lack of organization is astounding. have been very (patient/patiently) up to this point, but am going to lose my temper if they dont find my baggage immediately. 7. The young girl sings (amazing/amazingly) performance was (spectacular/spectacularly) well for someone her age. Her to say the least. 8. The skies became surprisingly (dark/darkly) as the moon moved between the Earth and the Sun. As the eclipse progressed, the people in the streets stood (silent/silently) waiting for the sun warmth to return. 9. Although Beth speaks (soft/softly) and seems quite (timid/timidly) is the leading expert in her field. Dont underestimate her abilities. she 10. After the medieval cathedral was (tragic/tragically) burnt down last year, the city (quick/quickly) rebuilt it stone for stone. It looks exactly the same as it did before the fire. 11. We (gradual/gradually) noticed changes in Diane personality; she became (quiet/quietly) and withdrawn from her friends and family. We finally realized that we had to do something about her drinking problem before it was too late. 12. Nicole grew (tired/tiredly) (obvious/obviously) from the hours of overtime at work. It became quite that she needed long vacation. 13. The tomato plants grew (quick/quickly) in the rich soil. Mrs. Ficara intended to use the home grown tomatoes to make her (delicious/deliciously) tempting lasagna. 14. Mr. Tanzer (generous/generously) donated $1,000,000 to the law school scholarship fund. With this money, they will be able to help low-income students cope with the (increasing/increasingly) cost of education. 15. Tim is (good/well) known for his sense of humor. Last Saturday, when he told the joke about the fireman and the school teacher, everybody there started laughing (uncontrollable/uncontrollably)