Arbeitsblatt: Adjectives adverbs and past simple forms


Adjektive und Adverbien müssen richtig verwendet werden und die past simple tense formen von 26 Verben werden repetiert.
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Jean-Claude Gehrig

Land: Schweiz
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Textauszüge aus dem Inhalt:

Adjectives and Adverbs An adjective describes, how something is: the girl is LITTLE, its LITTLE girl An adverb describes how something is done: say it NICELY, sit here QUIETLY Fill in the missing adjectives/adverbs quiet quietly car drives . loud loudly He has got very voice. He often speaks very . brave – bravely Jesse was dog, he attacked the postman . careful – carefully Go to the castle , theres ghost. You must be very . slow slowly Shes dancing because the music is . bad – badly The test comes out , if you practise . The past simple tense: write the correct form of these verbs! present past present start arrive You put on You work She looks He explains past drove car ate hamburger You knew my wife You lived We learnt lot We slept outside They played They wore t-shirts She missed the bus He forgot to call took understood You have shower You give We listen We come They climb They hunt fish stay