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past simple tense questions and exercises
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Englische Grammatik Fragen im Simple Past 1. Fragen ohne Fragewörter im Simple Past HV Verb Rest Did Max play football? Did you watch the film yesterday? Yes/No HV ( nt) Yes, he did. No, he didnt. Yes, did. No, didnt. ABER: to be xxx Were you Rest in Leipzig last week? Yes/No HV ( nt) Yes, was. No, wasnt. 2. Fragen mit Fragewörtern im Simple Past Fragewort HV Verb Rest Antwort What did you do yesterday evening? did my homework. When did she meet her boyfriend? Where did they go She met him yesterday. after the match? They went to café. xxxxx Antwort ABER: Fragewort to be Where were you Rest yesterday? was at the cinema. Simple Past Fragen Übung Beispiel: she books? (to read) Lösung: Did she read books? 1. the cat on the wall? (to sit) 2. Karen computer games? (to play) 3. you 4. Ronald museum? (to visit) 5. Michael in the garden? (to work) 6. Olivia 7. Sarah and Lisa 8. they karate? (to do) 9. you mineral water? (to drink) 10. ball? (to throw) friend? (to phone) your teacher the pets? (to feed) the homework? (to check) Simple Past Fragen Übung Schreibe die richtige Verbform in die Lücke. Benutze das Simple Past. Beachte das Beispiel. Beispiel: books? (she/to read) Lösung: Did she read books? 1. after the cat? (the dog/to run) 2. photos when you were on holiday? (you/to take) 3. cup of tea in the café? (the ladies/to have) 4. text messages during the French lesson? (Nancy/to send) 5. pullovers last Friday? (Melissa and Ruth/to wear) 6. hello to people in the street? (your brother/to say) 7. the windows in your classroom? (the teacher/to open) 8. 9. 10. chess two weeks ago? (the girls in your class/to play) breakfast last morning? (your mother/to make) music yesterday evening? (Steven/to listen to) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.