Arbeitsblatt: NSE1 Unit 15


S+S füllen die Lücken mit dem Vokabular aus Unit 15 aus.
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Vocabulary Unit 15 – 1a, 1b, 1c Exercise 1 Fill in each gap with the missing word. win problem happy look for sell unhappy print money lottery police either money rob bank play cards 1) A: Do you like chocolate ice cream? B: No, dont like chocolate ice cream. A: dont like it. 2) Petra has new boyfriend. She is very . 3) If you have with this exercise dont hesitate to ask for help. 4) John tried to. Therefore he is in jail (Gefängnis) now. 5) Marcus is very lucky. He won the and is now millionaire. 6) A: Can you lend me some ? dont have enough to pay my drink. B: No problem. How much do you need? 7) Raffael Nadal all the time when he plays against Roger Federer. 8) Can you help me to my keys? dont know where put them. 9) Stop crying. dont want you to be . 10) He has very risky job. He works for the. 11) A: Why do you your car? B: Its already old and want to buy new one. 12) is illegal. Therefore you can go to jail. 13) A: What is your favourite game? B: like to .